Key highlights of leadership coaching simplified in few Q&As.

What is spiritual coaching?

When your life lacks meaning, or when your achievements seem empty, or when you feel demotivated, you need spiritual coaching. Spiritual coaching creates a meaningful transformation and long-lasting success for an individual in their life. The spiritual coach guides you and provides valuable accountability by creating a customized plan for your specific goals and desires.
A spiritual coach helps you identify and embrace your true self again. They show you how to get what you want out of life, rather than just accepting whatsoever comes your way. Every spiritual coach has a different approach and method to help their clients to live their life the way they want it. However, many spiritual coaches use a holistic approach to look at every aspect of your life.
The coach works with their clients to change or navigate or re-direct their life, identify and achieve their desires, come out of their limiting beliefs, and eliminate all obstructions. They do this underneath your consciousness to help their clients live happily and fulfill their lives, following the practices the coach taught them.
It is important to remember that a spiritual coach is not a religious leader, and you don’t have to be religious to work with them. But be open to making a deeper connection with your soul. Understanding yourself and the world around you from a spiritual perspective helps you lead a more meaningful life.
The role of a spiritual life coach is different from those of a regular life coach, as they help you achieve your defined goals and move forward in life. However, a spiritual coach walks you through absolutely different goals, and often these goals are not easy to define or measure that gives you spiritual fulfillment you long for. To be precise, spiritual coaches help people to discover their sense of love, peace, and purpose, wholeness, and appreciation for all of this.

What does a spiritual coach do?

Spiritual coaching is an approach that addresses every aspect of a person’s life, including their body, mind, and soul. A spiritual coach helps a person to obtain their full potential, activate their spiritual power, and make a transformation. A spiritual coach helps you discover who you are, and heal your wounds from your past so that you can move on to a better and brighter future. A spiritual coach seeks to help their clients in every aspect of their life, especially when they feel uninspired, demotivated, or stuck at some point in their life.
Working with a spiritual coach reveals your life purpose and removes the negative energy that is blocking your way of living the life that you were meant to live. The coach helps you change your viewpoint from being a victim to taking responsibility for your life. They help you shift your focus to positivity from any negative judgments that surround you, as well as your thinking from despair to appreciate Spiritual growth challenge you to open up to love, compassion, and to things that turns your life richer and fuller. The coaching gives your life a deeper meaning and reinforces your connection with your inner soul, which helps you to lead a life full of gratitude and giving. A spiritual coach will listen to you and be your teacher, helping you grow in every aspect of your life. They will never judge or mocking comments regarding your problems but deepens your faith and sense of spirituality.
It is easy to find a spiritual coach, but difficult to find the one with whom you can open up and feel safe. Because it is important to maintain a good coach and client relationship to transform your life from coaching. The coach assists you in a private space to make you feel comfortable and open up about your inner feelings that need healing.

What can a spiritual coaching help me with?

A Spiritual Coach is someone who works with you to find and analyse your internal self; he is someone who takes you through a self-realization journey. A Life coach or any other coach would treat your issues by understanding the symptoms and derive on an action plan to overcome those. However, a Spiritual Coach will work on the intrinsic level to help you understand yourself; why do you behave the way you do, why do you think the way you do, what makes you different from others etc. Spiritual coach will take you through a deep dive within yourself and make your aware of your conscious self.
Every individual has a subconscious and unconscious mind and most of the times our behaviour patterns are based on these instead of our conscious mind. If we are able to understand our subconscious and unconscious mind and why our belief systems are that way, then we can surely be empowered to take control of our actions in a much better way. A spiritual coach introduces us to these hidden sides of our personality which we are not aware of.
A Spiritual Coach goes back into your past, understand the real reasons for your ailing and then look at solutions. In this process, he will get to the root cause of all your problems and then derive at healing solutions. This kind of healing will be immensely soulful in nature as it is not just your future that you would be changing, instead your entire perspective of life will be changed. You will be a completely different person post the healing process. Spiritual coaching does take a lot of time as it requires deep rekindling in the past and self-preservation, but once it is done, your life is sure to change forever.

What are laws of universe?

There are 12 Laws of the Universe that are interconnected and which impact our lives in every aspect:

  • The Law of Divine Oneness: This is the first foundational law and it states that everything in the universe is interconnected to each other. Every word, desire, belief or choice that we have will also impact the world around us and the people around us too.
  • Law of Vibration: As per this law, it states that every particle in the universe is in constant motion and carries a unique energy within itself. Some may carry a higher energy while others may carry a lower one, but the idea is to move from a lower energy to a higher energy level.
  • Law of Correspondence: This law is directly proportional to the law of divine oneness. This law talks about the patterns that revolve around the universe and how they impact our life as well.
  • Law of Attraction: This is a very powerful law which states that every energy in the universe attract each other. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative, hence if we desire happiness and positivity in our life, we should carry the same positive energy within us.
  • Law of Inspired Action: The law of Inspired Action is very closely connected with the Law of Attraction. This law teaches us how we can pursue our goals by taking inspired steps towards the thing that we want.
  • Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy: This law talks about how everything is in constant flux and how we can trigger a positive change in ourselves.
  • Law of Cause & Effect: This law is driven by the famous physics philosophy that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It states how our actions create positive as well as negative reactions around us and in the world.
  • Law of Compensation: This law talks about the concept of you reap what you sow. It teaches us the importance of treating others properly to be treated in the same way.
  • Law of Relativity: This can also be called law of comparing. You can’t categorize something good or bad unless you have compared or related it to something else. This teaches us that there are always multiple perspectives to things.
  • Law of Polarity: This helps us understand that everything in the universe has an exact opposite to it as well. And if we learn to appreciate that opposite, we will be able to be happy with what we have. For example there is night after day, hence we learn to rejoice the bright sunshine, but if there was only day all the time, we would not be happy with it.
  • Law of Gender: It says that we all have a certain amount of both the energies within us – masculine and feminine or yin and yang and how well balance both our energies inside us helps us to lead a happy and content life.

What is conscious living?

Conscious Living is nothing but being conscious about everything around us; being in control. The more conscious we are about ourselves and our surroundings, the greater power we would experience; power of being in control; power of making a positive change and power to be happy and content. Hence if we could look at consciously being aware of everything around us, we could be leading a much happier life.

Conscious living teaches us to be conscious of everything like:

  • We should be Conscious about ourselves to begin with; know who we are and what we really want in our life.
  • We need to be conscious of our health, our career and finances, our relationship etc.
  • We need to be conscious of our belief system and thought process. This will help us identify what we really want in life and not just follow the bandwagon or what people direct us to do.
  • We also need to be conscious of the choices that we make in our life. Who will be our friends, what will we follow in our career path, which philosophy will we follow etc.
  • We need to also be conscious while setting targets and goals for ourselves in real life. Sometimes we set extremely unachievable targets for ourselves and we push ourselves into failure. Rather, we could take smaller & realistic targets or goals and try to achieve them faster; that ways we will gain more confidence in following the path.
  • We also should be conscious of the divine power that exists above all of us due to which everything is happening the way it. This teaches us to have faith and believe that everything is possible.

Conscious living enables us to think more logically and makes us believe in everything around us and helps us to channelize our energies in the right direction.

How to connect to self?

In this world full of humans and human relations, we seldom forget ourselves and the relation that we share with our own self. We are so busy making good relations with others, keeping others happy, pleasing others that we forget ourselves completely. But the fact is, if you have to maintain good relations with others, you need to first be happy within and know yourself first more than others. Yes, knowing self and Self-love is equally important as loving your partner or your children.

If we are able to connect with ourselves and know how we feel, we will be able to take control over our feelings and prevent ourselves from any sort of depression or anxiety or trauma in life. Below are some of the ways you can connect to yourself:

  • Noticing your feelings is very important. Noticing and realizing what you are feeling at a point is very important and will help you deal with it better. Sometimes, you don’t even have to change your feelings, you should at least notice them and accept your emotions.
  • Naming the feeling that you are going through is also a good idea of connecting with yourself. Not judging yourself in a situation, but just understanding the feeling that you are going through will let you know your true self.
  • Self - compassion is very important. Being comfortable with your own self, trying to put yourself before others and prioritizing for yourself as well is important. It is not always important to keep everyone else your priority and ignore yourself. Taking time out for yourself once in a while is important to be able to connect with self.
  • Engaging yourself in solo activities and enjoying your own company is the best thing to do to get to know yourself better. If you are happy being in your own company, you could sail through life’s ups and downs in all situations.

Can spiritual coaching help me know who I really am and what is the purpose of your life?

Spiritual coaching helps you deal with your conscience and understand your deep rooted beliefs. Many a times you do things in your lives without knowing the reason why you are doing it. You follow instructions from your parents, relatives, spouse, friends etc and walk the path as guided by others, but don’t know exactly what we want to do in life. What is that makes us happy? What is the aim of your life? What were you born to do? These are some of the questions a lot of people carry within themselves for years without finding answers to it. You perform various tasks in your life, achieve great heights, but are still not satisfied, still not happy doing what you are doing. Probably because that’s not what you are meant to do. That’s not the purpose of your life.
A spiritual coach will help you understand your intrinsic self, your inner conscience and your belief system and guide you to know who you really are. When dwell inside yourself and retrospect, you would uncover your own self and realize what you really want to do in life; the things that you are meant to do, what will make you happy.
Spiritual coach brings you closer to your spiritual self, your inner strength and the divine power. They help you eliminate our desires by guiding us to our natural self and our enlightened state of being – what you truly are. And when you uncover your true self and discover what you aim to be in life, walking on that path becomes easier and brings a new light to our life. When you eventually discover what you truly want from life, you experience eternal happiness which no money or worldly assets can ever fulfil.

Can spiritual coaching help me release trauma?

Many a times, we cannot forget some trauma that has happened in our past, especially something that we have faced during our childhood, remains in our memory forever. Childhood traumas often sting us throughout our life and we develop a strong hatred for that person or incident that by the very thought of it coming into our mind, our soul gets shaken up. It could be any incident which could drill a trauma into a child’s brain – a physical abuse in school, a bully in class, a reprimanding teacher, a violent parent, or even a discriminating mother who loves the other sibling more.
These traumatic incidents make a dent in the child’s mind and he starts to believe that every person associated with that type of incident is somehow sending negative vibes to him. For instance, a child who has undergone a reprimanding or beating teacher would never develop respect for that teacher ever in his lifetime and probably see every teacher in the same light.
This kind of trauma haunts an individual’s inner conscience and it becomes part of his belief system. However, it is very important to dismantle that belief from the mind and channelize it in a brighter light that not all teachers are aggressive or violent, else he would never learn to develop respect for teachers in his mind
. Spiritual Coaching would help in making this shift in mind-set. It is important to forgive and forget to let go and make our own inner conscience feel light. A spiritual coach would make you aware of this underlying thought that has been taking shelter within your conscience and would also help you elevate from it and come out in the bright light of things by the art of forgiveness. This way you would release all your past trauma and be able to see life with a new pallet of colours.

Can spiritual coaching help me clear stagnation?

Change is a fear factor for most people. People don’t enjoy their jobs, but don’t want to change it just because the fear of the unknown traumatises them. You are in a toxic relationship which is troubling you and distorting your conscience but you still don’t want to move one due to the fear of the unknown; or to rightly put, you are acceptable to the stagnation in your life. People accept stagnation because that comes easily and doesn’t require much effort.
Stagnation can be dangerous. While we all desire stability – stability in relationships, stability in career and finances as well; however sometimes you have to take risks to succeed in life. But your conscience doesn’t allow you to do so. This is when a Spiritual Coach can help you. The spiritual coach works on your energy blocks and helps you channelize your energy system which may have become underactive or overactive due to stagnation.
Getting associated with a Spiritual coach can help you move forward in your life with a clearer channel and a sharper vision. If a space is not created in your mind and if you don’t let go of the prior space, then you will never be able to explore the new self, the new found love or the new job promotion. The space created by your enlightened subconscious mind will allow you to look for opportunities to fill it. Thus making you more creative, innovative and opportunistic in your approach. Spiritual coaches can help ignite your creativity and eliminate the chatter buzzing in your mind when you are starting out something new – like writing a book, starting a new venture or even getting into a new relationship.

Can spiritual coaching help me heal old wounds?

Can spiritual coaching help me open the energy blocks?

Every individual has a unique energy inside them which is why we are who we are. There is a reason why each of us is different; everyone has a force or energy within them which makes them do what they are doing. However not everyone is acquainted of this self-inner strength; they look for strength outside. People look for motivation outside; but real motivation lies within each of us. The day we discover our real self, we would know exactly what we want to do in life and the path will become much faster and easier.
Connecting with this energy or power within us itself is a great achievement as you discover who you really are and what you want to become. A spiritual coach can help you in this journey of self-discovery; with his help, you can explore your own self and re-invent your true identity. Once you discover who you really are and what is your way forward, there is no stopping; it will open all your energy blocks for you automatically.
The Spiritual coach will enable you with his tools and practices that can enlighten and empower you and as a result, you become more creative, innovative and intuitive in nature as well. When you know your calling in life, then there will be no roadblocks to your success. This is how your Spiritual coach will motivate you to chase your dreams and achieve them with passion, overcoming all the obstacles of life.

How can you deeply connect to your true self?

Your Relationship with yourself, empowers your relationship with others as well. It is more important to know your true self than to know others. Your bond with yourself also is directly proportionate to your relationship with others; although it sounds like a paradox. However, it is a known fact that you can only make others happy if you are happy within. Hence you should be able to first connect deeply with your true self.

So, how can you build that true connect with yourself:

  • Yoga – Yoga helps you connect with your bodies and souls at the same time. When you shut yourself up from the entire world and just focus on our body and its movement and the breaths you take,you create a subconscious bond with your body and mind. It is a very powerful tool to get connected to yourself.
  • Meditation – Meditation is also another very powerful way to connect yourself with your mind and soul. Meditation teaches you to understand what kind of thoughts your mind generates and you also learn to control them. It helps your mind in becoming more aware and strong.
  • Spending solo time- spending solo time is imperative to understand your true self. While having company is everyone’s desire, but if you learn to enjoy your own company, the probability that others will enjoy your company is even higher. Moreover, you would also be able to explore what you originally like and dislike rather than follow what others suggest. By Traveling solo, you could discover a new you which you weren’t really much aware of.
  • Writing – Writing your thoughts could be healing sometimes. Many a times, we cannot share everything with our friends or anyone close; if you write your life’s happenings or just your feelings somewhere, you could be able to understand yourself much better. If you write regularly, you could relate to your own self in a much better way and stop judging yourself if you do otherwise
  • Practice Self-love / compassion – This is also extremely important in building a strong bond between your inner self and you.

What is the difference between spiritual coaching, life coaching and other coaching?

Any form of Coaching is meant for personal growth of an individual; to understand the roadblocks in his success, happiness, health, career etc and help him attain it. There are various types of Coaching methodology basically depending upon the type of problem the coach is working on.

Let's look at the difference between all these types of Coaching:

Life Coaching: This is the most common type of coaching. All types of individual coaching wherein a person is been worked upon on achieving his goals, dreams, aspirations and happiness is termed as Life Coaching. The coach could be treating him in solving his marital problems or dealing with work life balance or he could be coaching on how to get stability in career or could be also coaching on how to deal with various parenting related issues. Simply put, anyone who has a problem in his life and seeks support to bring his life back to balance can go through Life Coaching and can be transformed.

Executive Coaching: Executive Coaching is for people at higher levels of the organization which could build them into becoming greater leaders, could enhance their innovation & motivation capabilities and increase productivity as well. Someone who is at a senior position already, but is seeking to grow higher in the professional ladder, but doesn’t know the ways and means to do that, can also approach an Executive Coach.

Spiritual Coaching: Spiritual Coaching, on the other hand, is completely different than any of the above Coaching styles. Here as well, the coach deals with human life problems and strives to get their clients to achieve happiness; however, the methodology is completely different. A Spiritual Coach with not work on your extrinsic problems or behaviours but will get to the roots of the problem and help you to understand yourself from within. He is someone who will work with your inner conscience and make you realize why you are doing things that you are doing. This is a very deep rooted analogy that the coach works on and makes life changing impact on an individual.

Who would want spiritual coaching? Is spiritual coaching right for me?

Generally, people who have gone through some tragedy in life go into depression and close themselves to the world outside. A personal loss of a dear one, someone who is dealing with separation or divorce, or going through some kind of mid-life crisis or any such heart-wrenching tragedy in life often feel the need to speak to a Spiritual Coach.
People who have gone through a terrible past may often not feel comfortable talking to friends, colleagues or relatives by the fear of being mocked or being judged or under societal pressures. You need someone who can listen to you with an unbiased, un-judgemental view and someone who can help you introspect within yourself to make you feel better. A Spiritual Coach gives you such an environment and space where you can open your heart out and share all your life’s traumas and distresses without any fear. A spiritual coach provides a comfortable atmosphere where you can pour your heart out without any ambiguities.
Not only does the Spiritual Coach listen to you with complete patience, but he will also take you through a journey where you could meet your own self and find inner peace. When you work with a Spiritual Coach, you encounter your inner beliefs and your ideas about your spirituality are revealed. The spiritual coach can help you change your life by giving life a deeper meaning and strengthening your connection between you and your inner self. The connection with a divine power above makes all life’s worries fade off and gives a new perspective to life.

How should one about choosing a spiritual coach?

If you want to get help or advice from a spiritual coaching perspective, you need to visit a Spiritual Coach for that. However, before you finalize on a Spiritual coach for yourself you need to check a few options and then gauge which Spiritual coach is best for you.

Most coaches will offer you a free demo session to help you gauge their coaching methodology and check the compatibility with your coach. In a spiritual coaching session however, the things to check for would be slightly different from any other coaching session:

  • You would need to understand if the coach is giving you enough comfort and space for you to openly discuss your inner feelings. Seldom people feel that they are being judged or even mocked when they talk about their life experiences and the impact it is making on their current life. In such a situation, you would never be able to openly discuss your feelings and hence would not be a good coaching option for you.
  • You also need to check if the coach is guiding you towards your inner self and helping you understand your true self by means of various questioning techniques. While this is slightly difficult in just the first session, but you can still gauge his thought process and type of questioning.
  • You also need to check if the coach is guiding you towards your inner self and helping you understand your true self by means of various questioning techniques. While this is slightly difficult in just the first session, but you can still gauge his thought process and type of questioning.

Check if the coach is patiently listening to you first or jumping into the solutioning mode. Generally, coaches do that, they offer solutions by pre-empting the client’s problems. But that’s not the right approach. The coach should be patient enough to let you vent out and then guide you towards solutions.