Key highlights of life coaching simplified in few Q&As.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching, also called personal coaching, provides guidance for personal and professional empowerment. As the saying goes, “The distance between your dreams and reality is called action”, life coaching necessitates this action to achieve your life goals. From addressing your business concerns to professional transitions to personal life problems, life coaching alters your thought process positively so that you view your challenges with a brand new perspective. It cultivates in you a desire to change for the better. Life coaching is not a therapy; it just helps you discover your own 'personal' best.
Life coaching makes a positive change in your life in the most efficient and rewarding way. It is a collaborative process from beginning to the end in which a life coach motivates you to reach your full potential. A life coach strategizes and inspires to give you a push in the areas of your life that you wish to change. These areas could be boosting your self-confidence, finding your career path, helping you form better relationships, providing meaning to your life or even resolving your weight loss problems. Life coaching sessions involve structured coaching processes that aim to understand your obstacles and challenges and help you choose the right course of action to overcome those challenges. Life coaching sessions work best in a face to face environment, however, they can even take place over the phone and through video call services such as WhatsApp, FaceTime and Skype. A life coaching session lasts around 1 hour and is always confidential. You are never forced to reveal anything you don’t feel confident about.
Life coaching is your golden opportunity to propel your life from good to great! It is your journey to achieve your aspirations and dreams through self-discovery and self-reliance.
Answer: coaching for all aspects of life based on wheel of life, It has 5 sub-categories, each sub-category has a different purpose.

Who hires a life coach and why?

Just as personal trainers design effective fitness programs, similarly a life coach possesses knowledge and skills necessary to design your life goals. Most often people who seek the support of a life coach are those who want more; they have a strong desire to grow in their personal and professional lives. However, people who find themselves stuck in a routine that is not exciting enough, also hire a life coach. “The most important person you must believe in is yourself”, a life coach motivates and supports you so that you work towards achieving your goals with a new-found confidence. Life coach encourages your personal and professional development through-

  • Guidance- A life coach analyzes your current situation, understands your end goal and helps you to reach there.
  • Empowerment- A life coach helps you realize your own worth, motivates you and gives you objective feedback so that you feel empowered enough to make real progress.
  • Improvement- A life coach uses numerous techniques, tools and processes to create new aspects of thinking combined with the desire to improve so that you develop a new perspective to face your challenges.

How to choose a life coach?

A good coach can transform a game; a great coach can transform your life. Finding a life coach is not so difficult; depending upon your preference if you want online sessions or face to face consultations, and you can choose a life coach.

If you’re looking for an online coach, there are certain steps that you need to follow:

  • Research for Coaches: find out where and how will you find a coach online. You can search for various coach academies or organizations that provide coaches. You could also look up for a directory and figure out coaches near me by searching online.
  • Identify your needs: this step is the most critical of all. You need to first identify for what purpose you need the coaching services. If you need career counselling, you need a career coach; if you need help in your relationships then you need a Relationship coach; if you are broke and depressed in life, you need a Transformational or Motivational coach. By just identifying your need, you will solve 50% of the problem.
  • Take a Free Call: Once you have a few options for coaches to reach out to in your neighbourhood, you may want to check with their services by taking a demo session or a free consultation from them. This is very important since you will be able to establish whether you strike the cord with that coach or not and accordingly you can call a final call. Almost all life coaches give a free consultation; get a free consultation to know if the coach is the right fit for you. Look for a coach who is non-judgemental, possesses excellent listening skills and balances by making you comfortable with keeping you challenged.
  • Discuss at length your problem with your coach: Once you have figured out what type of coach and which coach you want to consult, take time out and have a detailed conversation with him / her about your problem and situation. Do not hide any facts from them as they need to know what is the root of your problem. Only then they would be able to help you overcome them
  • By following these steps in the same order, you will certainly be able to find a coach who can help you out with your problems.

What is the process of life coaching?

Life coaching is a one-on-one, collaborative process in which a life coach gives you clear direction to achieve your business, personal and professional goals. A life coach uses numerous techniques, tools and processes to help you succeed.

  • Step 1: This is the first meeting with your life coach with the purpose of learning about each other. It is a discovery session where you find out more about your coach and their coaching methods. The life coach learns more about you and your aspirations. The life coach may ask you a few questions and makes you undertake a few tests and exercises to figure out which coaching method would work best for you. If you and your coach are found to be compatible, then this discovery session results in an action plan for the subsequent meetings.
  • Step 2: Your life coach will be asking you a lot of questions and doing assessments to identify your strengths and limiting beliefs that have become hurdles in your success. In the next few months, your life coach will focus on a deeper analysis of your beliefs and work towards developing patterns to overcome these beliefs. Based on your strengths, your life coach will also establish goals and define the steps needed to achieve those goals.
  • Step 3: The next few months will have your life coach use a combination of methods and techniques depending upon what stage of coaching you are in. Visualization, hypnosis, meditation, relaxation and emotional freedom techniques are some of the common processes employed by life coaches.
  • Step 4: As you start achieving your goals, your life coach will work towards reinforcing the successful methods and celebrating your progress by holding you accountable for your success.

Life coaching session usually lasts around 30-60 minutes. It is highly recommended that you work with a life coach for a minimum of three months for you to start seeing the benefits. Depending upon your needs, you may choose to even go for more sessions.

Where do I find good life coach in India?

Quality coaches drive quality results. A good life coach empowers you by building trust and coaching competence. A good coach is a good teacher who works to change your life for the better. Finding a life coach who can inspire you to be the best that you can, is overwhelming. In the digital era, finding a life coach is not difficult.

  • Online search- Whether you’re looking for an online coaching or coaching in a face to face environment, online search engines like Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Google and can help you with your search.
  • Local directories- Local directories have a wide range of options that help you find a life coach in your local area.
  • Referral-: Word of mouth is still the best marketing tool. Ask a friend, relative or a trusted source if they have used the services of a life coach in the past. Enquire about the skills and expertise of the life coach and their experience with him/her.
  • Be your own judge- Almost all life coaches give a free consultation session. This free session is like a discovery session for you and your coach. Use this opportunity to determine if the coach and their techniques are a good match for you.

At Catalyyze, you can find best quality coaches to bring out the best in you in the personal as well as professional field. You can select the best coach that matches your criteria or your requirements.
You can also check your life coach’s credentials on the company’s website so that you have complete understanding of what you could expect from them. Read reviews of the life coach; reading previous clients' experience with the life coach will help you determine how much the life coach can help you solve the same issues.
Catalyyze has top quality life coaches in India. Catalyyze provides life coaches in all top cities i.e. life coaches in Bangalore, life coaches in Mumbai, life coaches in Delhi, life coaches in Gurgaon, life coaches in Hyderabad, life coaches in Chennai and life coaches in Pune.

How does a life coach help?

Hiring a life coach is a must when one finds themselves wandering aimlessly. Life Coaching will help you in achieving your personal and professional goals. Many a times we see that people have much potential to accomplish their tasks but they are unable to carve out the modus operandi
A life coach helps people to reach their potential and it is completely different from counselling. They will not help you in dealing with major concerns but will aid you to pursue your dreams, getting a promotion, pushing your innate skills or achieving your weight loss goals. Each life coach works differently and acts as per the need of clients.
With the help of life coaching, one can lead a more passionate and fulfilling life. It will help you achieving settled business objectives, rediscovering one’s identity, reviving relationships and much more. The kind of training sessions, coaching program the life coach does, helps you removing the gap of what you are and what you want to be.
To aid you with best practices there are several online sites that are available today. One can find a coach that matches their character and fits their budget. Before opting for a life coach, it is essential to rummage through the reviews of earlier clients, ratings, and services they offer.
Life coaching will unlock your potential and will help you flourish your ambitions. One will find themselves more self-confident, enthusiastic, encouraged and more self-motivated. They help you by providing regular feedback on your actions. A life coach is necessary to hire when you find yourself among the hurdles. Moreover, it’s one hardcore duty to select those coaches who listen to you and can comprehend your needs. The right coach helps its clients to dig deeper to gain insights and become more self-reliant.
A life coach has the skills to ask you the right questions to find the answers within yourself. A life coach can be of use in a multitude of professional & personal situations. A life coach helps you to grow in your chosen field by looking at your current situation, end goal and a sustainable way to reach there.
Catalyyze’s life coaches are both great listeners and avid problem solvers - two essential skills needed for the job. A life coach who is a great listener understands your point of view from your vantage point and finds out the key insights necessary to formulate the most relevant starting point. Our top quality life coaches use their structured problem solving skills to chart out an actionable plan specific to your needs.

Why does life coaching work?

A life coach, like other coaches, helps your intuitions grow to many folds. They provide you guidance when you feel stuck in the vicious cycle of de-motivation.
Today Life coaching is a useful service that pushes your dreams ahead and thus helping thousands leading a more accomplishing life.
When one feels encircled with much turbulence, the right approach provided by a life coach can do miracles. With the help of various techniques, methods and tools the coaches unlock your potential to flourish in your personal as well as your professional life. Life coaching helps individuals living a life that is driven by a purpose.
By exploring new possibilities, the right attitude and workforce life coach aids you to land yourself where you desire to be. They resolve your challenges to eradicate the troubles in your life. People from all age groups or from any background opt for life coaching so as to acquire positivity in their life. With the introduction of new aspects, they improve the things that are right within us. One feels more empowered, motivated and credible to master the destiny of their life. Life coaching helps us set new standards for ourselves.
Life coaches’ leadership and strategies can unleash the power and breakthrough every limitation to create the quality of life that one craves for. Life Coaching helps you learn how to conquer your limitations and take control of your life to boom entirely. The various online sites available can help an individual to live the life of their dreams.
From pushing your career ahead, settling business heights, the transition to a new identity or improving relationships; one can find a coach for every kind of requirement. Several sites avail hassle-free payment gateway, convenient time sessions, coaches based on your criterion that matches your personality and many other facilities.
An article in public management revealed a research that measured the effectiveness of life coaching combined with training and training alone. Research shows that training alone can increase productivity by 22.4% compared to 88% for training combined with life coaching. Here is why?
Commitment: A trusting relationship between a life coach and the coachee is the first step to commitment. A regular meeting schedule helps the client keep his or her focus on the goal and move ahead without losing sight of the goal.
Structured approach: An experienced life coach helps you formulate your current situation, end goals and the structured way to reach there. A life coach’s ability to formulate the steps that are best suited for you can make a difference in actually achieving them.
Coaching style: An accredited life coach know the triggers to motivate you. He / she uses the right words to make sure you are adequately motivated to reach your goals.
Speed: An expert life coach speeds up the process of change. Early changes that you observe in yourself makes you more motivated inducing a further motivation to change. It is this virtuous cycle that makes coaching experience a worthwhile and long lasting change.

What is the life coaching philosophy of catalyyze?

The fundamental philosophy at Catalyyze is that “you are the best judge of your life”. A client knows in and out of his / her life like no one else and we at Catalyyze recognize that.
Our life coaches help you identify your goals and facilitate their development during the coaching session. As the world has become immensely competitive, standing out amidst the crowd has become the necessity of the day. With the help of a life coach, you can uncover the best in yourself.
Catalyyze, which is a leading platform for hiring coaches for different purposes, has helped numerous people to speed up their life in a sustainable way. One can find the coaches here according to their traits. Life coaching helps you to grow in your chosen field. With the consistent guidance of skilled coaches, you find a way to reach their destination.
Life Coaches at Catalyyze are great listeners and are fully devoted to their jobs. Our top-quality coaches figure out the specific needs of the clients with the usage of structured problem solving tactics. Your life coach charts out all those challenges that are taking you back.
Our experts plan accordingly to bring a change in your life. A trusted relationship between you and the coach is the first step towards your development and commitment. Life Coaching organizes those steps that prove excellent to set a difference in your objectives.
An accredited life coach motivates their clients to reach the goals by participating in their endeavours. We make the journey hassle-free so that individuals can grow faster in a shorter span. At Catalyyze, the trusted and leading coaches help you to start accomplishing your goals instead of dreaming.

If you start working with a life coach, would you be dependent on your life coach for the rest of your life?

Life coaches aim to work with individuals to resolve the issues surrounding them to ultimately help to develop into whole and balanced individuals. The efforts of a life coach cover the person’s profession, personal life, general events, major transitions and relationships. Life coaches can help out in any aspect of life; personal or professional. The aim is to guide people to broaden their vision, empower them to instill self-confidence, and improve their lives by taking them forth to their ultimate goal.

Dependency on life coach? No way, you are strong!!!

Many people worry that once you start with life coaching you might develop a dependency on the life coach. This is a totally baseless fear. The aim of life coaching is not to weaken an individual but to create strong personalities. Once you are through with your life coaching you will identify yourself as an independent and strong-minded individual capable of making own decisions. There wouldn’t be any further need for you to come back to your life coach for advice or suggestions, though you might want to be in touch for a healthy and beneficial relationship.
Life coaching is aimed to resolve the roadblocks to a person's success in life and does not create any sort of emotional dependency on the life coach. Life coaching results in a tremendous improvement in a person's confidence and self-esteem. It opens your mind and shows you the path to reach your goal.
Henceforth you are a confident, self-empowered person who is completely at peace and free to pursue your life to its fullest.

How long do you need to commit to working with a life coach?

A life coach takes a holistic approach to an individual’s life path and seeks to understand all aspects of his life to eventually help the person lead a fuller and more meaningful life. While choosing a life coach you might be wondering how long you should commit yourself to work with a life coach to see tangible results. The answer is simple.

Your need decides how long to commit

Since life coaching covers individual issues from a broader perspective, the duration is dependent on the purpose for which you are seeking life coaching and on how fast you will learn.

  • Resolve career issues. You might be seeking the help of a life coach to resolve your professional issues such as career transition, workplace conflicts or project management stress. Here, you will need frequent sessions, probably weekly ones for support.
  • Self-discovery. On a personal level, you might seek out a life coach’s support for self- discovery and deep thinking on your life. This will require less frequent sessions, maybe once or twice a month, to allow the questions and answers to settle inside you.

Duration and frequency. A typical life coaching session might take anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes. Based on client preference and need the sessions can be extended up to 2 hours or more.
The duration of life coaching can be adjusted according to the progress made. Some people are quick learners and reach the desired benefits in just 8 to 16 sessions. Others might need more sessions for seeing any benefit.
During the initial stages of life coaching, it is always recommended to keep weekly sessions to get the required traction. Once you are on the track the sessions can be cut down to alternate weeks and monthly ones. Even after achieving the goals most people prefer to have quarterly sessions to be in touch with their coach and to ensure continuity.

Can you hire a life coach for a short-term or special project?

Yes, you can hire a life coach for a short-term or special project. Life coaching mainly focuses on your present situation and the future goals. Often it is seen that most of the clients choose to continue working with their life coach after accomplishing their specific goal/project because there are many more interesting things to accomplish in life. Life coaching helps people move in the right direction and set personal and professional goals in a way that will give them a kick start that they really want.
Generally, the clients are healthy, flourishing people who might get stuck in a particular project/personal circumstance and wish to make a difference in their lives and for that, a life coach can be hired to help them sail through the situation. Life coaches provide positive support and encouragement.
Life coaching does not control the client’s belief system, actions or life. Clients make their own decisions and take their own actions and are accountable for their decisions. A life coach may challenge you to think in another way and suggest you to try an essential approach that you would usually not think of. It is the client’s choice of whether to take his advice or not.
It is important for you to be convinced with what suggestions or actions your life coach is recommending and incase of any disagreement in that, you can always reason it out with your coach. This way you will get to the logical approach which your coach is trying to bring in to make the situation better. It is also good to have a healthy conversation with your life coach to understand his / her actions and reasons why they are proposing the same for you. This is important as it makes the decision making process much simpler and faster.

Shouldn’t you be able to reach your goals on your own?

Hard-work is the key to success. If you do things on your own, it gives a sense of self-confidence and self-motivation. However, sometimes in achieving your goals, you might have to sacrifice your health, enjoyment time, important relationships and even your family life. With life coaching, you learn & un-learn faster. Your life coach supports you in managing / prioritizing your tasks and plans so that you can have more time for your family and friends, good health, leisure time and many more important things.
In the sports field, entertainment field or any other profession, people know that they need a life coach for the tasks that they cannot accomplish on their own. Just like a sports coach helps you see yourself a little better and pushes you beyond your comfort levels, a life coach does the same for you. Your life coach helps you determine the right direction and course of action to fulfill your goals. He / she also provides you with the necessary feedback on your tasks. Achieving excellence in any field becomes relatively easier with life coaching.
Life coaching helps you fill the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be in your life. Get what you want from your life in a part of the time with the guidance, support, and tools of a skilled life coach and end all the struggle of fighting on your own in accomplishing your goals.
A life coach acts as an expert or a life specialist, who helps you in developing all areas of your life, be it personal or professional. A life coach stays with you and helps you incorporate the changes; acquire new skills, till your final goals get accomplished. In the end, after getting life coaching you must indeed feel good about your accomplishments and yourself.

Can life coaching hurt you or someone?

Life coaching cannot hurt you or anyone. Rather, it helps you in mastering all visible features of your life, be it mind, body, physical health, emotions, time, finances or business. A life coach helps you to decide what you really want from life and determine the right path to accomplish it.
Life coaching is all about giving you absolute clarity on your top goals in the coming future. An effective life coach helps you come out of your isolation and limited belief system, that have always held you back. The life coach helps you to develop an action plan for the achievement of your explicit outcomes. This way, the client himself is always responsible for their own lives and taking all the decisions.
The life coach pushes you in balancing your life which helps you prioritize & re-prioritize and gain control of your body, relationships, emotions, finances, and health. Life coaching is a journey of how to flare up zeal and how to design your dream life. It helps you to make your own decisions, to live life on your terms. Life coaching provides you encouragement and positive support.
Life coaching gives you an extra edge that really makes all the difference. You can have this extra advantage in your personal and professional life. The life coach can make you think out of the box or can suggest you challenging ideas and tasks. In the end, it is the client’s choice whether to make the changes or take the decisions accordingly or not. Life coach cannot control the client’s thought process, actions or decisions. In short, the process of learning new skills and unlearning old becomes easier and you continue to grow in your life.

Do life coaches work only on personal or professional/business goals?

A life coach helps you identify and accomplish both your personal goals as well as professional/business goals. Life coaching assists in the development of an actionable plan to achieve any of your goals. Whether you want to address any specific personal need like time-management, increasing stress, health issues, etc. or you are facing a transition face in your professional life, personal life or any relationship; life coaches help you to understand your present scenario, discover the probable obstacles and finally choose a correct course of action to make your life smooth and easy as you want it to be.
Unlike consultation, mentoring, professional advice or therapy; life coaching is an expedition of discovering yourself and your best-hidden abilities to be independent. Life and career are full of new challenges that require you to learn new skills and unlearn old ones. On your personal front, if you are too scared to get out of your comfort zone and want to overcome your fears, a life coach can guide you through. And if you want to do something that scares you from your career perspective, a life coach can help you sail through. Life coaching helps you realize your self-worth in any area of your life, be it personal or professional front.
Life Coaching works for all types of clients, like people who are full of thrust and want to take life to the next level and people who are stuck in their life and need a coach to push them in the right direction. The life coach works as a partner for the client, and he knows that you have the answers needed to create the changes you are seeking.

Why is life coaching so popular?

Everyone desires to reach their peak performance with long-lasting results, however sometimes we get boggled by life’s spinning nature. People tend to get tired and bored with their daily monotonous routine life and they want to achieve something special and meaningful in their lives. The problem comes when they are not able to give their vision a right path and proper course of action in accomplishing it and are unsure of how to reconstruct their lives in achieving the final goals. Here, life coaching plays a vital role in solving both problems.
Several years ago when life coaching was not introduced, people felt such special achievements to be out of their reach or hypothetical. As life coaching has gained popularity, people are now realizing how simple it has become to accomplish any dream of their life. Nowadays, people are willing to invest time and money in the betterment of themselves and the accomplishment of their dreams. Thus, giving life coaching an extra edge over any other form of consultation or therapy.
Life coaching gives you multiple benefits like you get more focused and clear on your goals and objectives, you are able to gain self-confidence to break through restrictions, and you gain skills to motivate and empower others. A life coach pushes you to improve your psychology, renew your energy, and reach your goals. Life coaching helps you in mastering your emotions. Even in the most challenging times, you will be able to show all the passion, self-confidence, courage and strength. Life coaching has helped millions of people change their lives forever.

How does life coaching differ from consulting, therapy, sports coaching or a friend?

Life Coaching is aimed specifically at people who are normal and healthy individuals, to achieve their personal and professional goals. Life coaching helps people to reach success, happiness, and well-being in their lives. A Life Coach does this by listening, encouraging and coaching people through particular challenges to reach certain milestones. In simple words, Life Coach does not discuss your past pain but helps a person to do better in their current circumstances. This is different from what people seek from therapy, consulting, or a friend.
Life Coaching is like sculpting. A Life Coach sees the potential in you and helps you to achieve what you desire. A Life Coach uses specific skills and strategies to define yourself and creates the life you are desiring for. A Life Coach helps you to focus, provides direction, supports you, motivates you, challenges you, and celebrate with you. They use their observing and listening skills and ask empowering questions to achieve your goals. Often, Life Coach encourages people to find answers to their problems by themselves. Coaches give non-directional feedback in the form of asking questions. Often, Life Coaching takes place in a short-term course.
Life Coaches do not counsel people or analyze their past. Where in, therapy, they look into the past and resolve the pain of past experiences. Therapists offer guidance and directions to people who are seeking counseling. Life Coaching focuses on outer action, while counseling focuses on inner action. Life Coaching is a method that supports you to make changes in your life as you desire. Life Coaching is for people who want to work on their present concerns and get support to break through their limiting beliefs.

You are already successful. Do you still need a life coach?

Life Coaching not only helps people who are not achieving enough but also helps people who are already successful. Because a Life Coach always believes that their clients can achieve more from what they have achieved. A Life Coach can help you in all stages of your life to improve your quality of life. The more questions you ask yourself, the more is the quality of the life you achieve. A good Life Coach knows well how to ask you a question that proposes a kind of answer elevating the quality of life.
You have already achieved so far, but you may need help in your next level or when you undergo major changes in life, be it a job change, or getting married, or something else, a Coach will offer you unbiased guidance. With the help of a Coach, you will be able to decide on what matters to you and helps you to develop a plan of action on how to achieve it. A Life Coach will always assist you when you want:

  • To be more decisive.
  • Have the vision to start something new, but lack the plan of action.
  • To improve some of your skills such as time management, confidence, or more.
  • To step out of your comfort zone.
  • To face unapproachable challenges.
  • To face a major transition as easy as you can.
  • Have some past experiences, fears, or insecurities that are holding you back.

As you learn how to create the life you desire, and when you start seeing positive results, you will develop an appreciation for life and influence people around you. You become strong and skilled at living a better quality of life by being accountable for your goals.

What life coaching is not?

Life Coaching is not counseling, where clients seek healing for their past or have some significant mental or psychological issues that require medical attention. Life Coaching is not Mentoring or Consulting, where clients are advised about what to do about their life. Life Coach is not a Friend but cares deeply for their clients. A Life Coach does not exactly assess, evaluate or criticize the client or their life, it will be non-judgemental exchange.
Life Coaching helps people to achieve their specific professional and personal goals by analyzing their present situation. Life Coach identifies your fears, challenges, and obstacles that are in your way to achieve your goals, and develops a plan of action to overcome them. Life Coach is different from counseling, consulting, mentoring or therapy. Life Coaching helps their client’s in enormous ways, which also includes:

  • Encourage clients to define how they would like to improve their life, by creating positive goals.
  • Encouraging the client’s self-discovery and growth by asking questions.
  • It helps them to undergo a transition from where they are now, to where they want to be in the future.
  • Using Life Coach’s skills to modify their goals as needed.
  • Promotes client accountability to increases productivity, as well as challenges their clients to step out from their comfort zone or to shift their perspective.
  • Support the client to develop a plan of action depending on what fits more with the client’s goals, personality, and vision.

Most Life Coaches specialize in a certain area such as Career Coaching, Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Leadership Coaching or more.

Life Coach can help their clients in so many things, including, but not limited to:

  • Time management
  • Building confidence
  • Work-life balance
  • Communication skills
  • Financial management
  • Finding your true passion

What are life coaching misconceptions?

There are many misconceptions about Life Coaching and some of the commons among them are:
Life Coaching is a new form of therapy. People often get confused about Life Coaching for therapy. While the fact is, Life Coaching is focused on the client’s present issues and encourages them to find solutions by themselves by asking questions. Usually, the output is unbiased. Life Coaches are not health professionals who diagnose you as counselors do.
Life Coaches allow venting and then they offer advice for your problems. The fact is, coaches must have great listening skills to deliver good quality coaching. Coaches will never advise you to do something, but, brings out valuable answers to your problems into the light, by asking specific questions.
Anyone can be a Life Coach and no training is required. To achieve the best outcomes for the client, a good Life Coach must have the expertise and receive training from a well-recognized institute.
Life Coaching is only for people who are unsuccessful or who have problems. The fact is, Life Coaching is for anyone who wants a better quality of life. Successful people too can benefit from Life Coaching in many ways.
Life Coaching takes lots of time. Clients who work with Life Coaches achieves significant progress on their goals in a short time. Usually, it just takes a couple of hours to a month. In most of the cases, clients can book a session with Coach over the telephone, which saves time on traveling.
Coaches have all the answers to your problems. People think that Coaches have all the answers because they have perfect lives. The fact is, Coaches are skilled at asking specific questions, often clients don’t ask themselves. They ask and we answer. And we find a solution to our problem in our perspective.

What are the benefits of hiring a life coach?

Though you are successful, famous or rich, at some point in your life, you will find yourself in the middle of some difficult situations. You can find support from your family and friends, but only to some extent. Even though their intentions are good, they offer solutions for your problems from their perspective. This is when you will need a Life Coach, who guides and motivates you at every step. The best Life Coach is passionate about improving the client’s lives by achieving their goals.

There are several surprising benefits of hiring a Life Coach.
It gives you clarity on what you want. Life Coach helps you to get clarity about your dreams, goals, and aspirations. Life Coach finds out what you are longing for and assists you in determining your necessities and priorities.
It helps you to grow as a person. When you are working with a Life Coach, you will expose to new perspectives, ideas, and experiences, which helps you to come out of your comfort zone.
Improves confidence. An essential component for developing an empowering self-image, which is achieved when working with a Life Coach.
Overcoming your limitations and moving forward. Life Coach helps you to find your fears, insecurities, and obstacles and drive you towards achieving your goals.
Holds you to be accountable. To bring a change in your personal and professional life, accountability is a powerful tool. By creating realistic and achievable goals, Life Coach inspires you at every step.
It gives you fair feedback. It is not always possible to find help from others for your solutions from your perspective. However, a Life Coach provides an unbiased input making a great impact on your perspective as well as helps you to see your situations and life differently, but positively.

How long are free and paid sessions?

With lots of benefits that life coaching brings into light, many are enduring to take life coaching sessions. But the concern many have is which coach can help them to reach their goals. This way almost every life coach offers a free consultation to see how comfortable their clients are with them, before committing. The free session lasts for a short period, probably a 30-minute session. The advantage of attending a free session will allow you to discover what the coaching process would be like, how it is going to work, and what you can achieve if you continue. The free session is an opportunity for the coach to introduce themselves to the client and to give them a peep of what they can offer the clients.
If you are comfortable with the coach you choose, you will continue with them by paying them their fee. Usually, the payment mode can be per session or as a package. The fee of a life coach depends on their expertise, real-time experience, and the number of sessions they take to help you reach your goals. Sometimes, your coach may ask you for a commitment that takes a long duration. Because they are not doing the work for you, it’s you working on to make necessary changes in your life. They want to know if you are committed to improving your life, as they are investing their time and energy to work with you. Beyond this, the length of coaching depends on what issues you are facing and how much time is needed to solve them. In some cases, clients find results in just a few weeks, and in other cases, it may take a few months for total transformation to happen.

What should you do in the free session?

People are tired of doing what others say and are open to doing something meaningful that they like to do. The only problem is, many of them cannot see it, or if they can see, they cannot find a way to orientate their life around it. This is where a life coach can help you to do both. The good news is, now people have the resources and time to invest in this kind of personal growth. However, choosing the right coach is important to achieve your dreams. Choosing a life coach is your personal matter, as you are seeking assistance to improve your life in some parts. When you want to choose a life coach, you want to choose from the best options. You can only find basic information about a life coach from the website. To know more about them, and the compatibility you both have, take up a free session which lasts for 30 minutes.
You can have a conversation with two or three life coaches to see your compatibility with them. Consider factors such as: if your life coach does relate to your situation, did he/she understood what your goals are, are they sharing similar values as you do, and are they giving you the confidence to move forward. You have to check if all these criteria are met, but don’t jump into someone just because of fewer consultation fees. However, you should use this opportunity honestly to understand your compatibility rather than assuming them to solve all your present issues in that free session. Think if you can get through him/her in the future sessions too, just as you did in the free session and start working with them to see desired inputs.

How much would life coaching cost you?

Most of the Life Coaches working with their clients charge reasonably. Coaches have a wide range of professional coaching experience and provided with ICF credentials. In simple words, you will achieve more in less time with the input of an accredited life coach on your side. Usually, they charge from $200 to $400 per session for around 30 minutes to a 60-minute session. However, executive coaches charge more and work for two hours a month with their clients. Depending on your particular goals, you can choose a kind of coach, not all coaches are the same.
Various other coaching includes leadership coaching, life coaching, relationship coaching, business coaching, and career coaching. Choosing the right kind of coach is essential for your ultimate success. The cost of coaching varies depending on various factors such as coach’s experience, biography, your specific goal, and type of coach. Coaches with more experience earn more compared to beginner coaches. However, it is worth to pay a good Life Coach as you are going to benefit more both personally and professionally.
When you feel there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, then there is room for Life Coaching. Life Coaching helps you to achieve your goals in your perspective. Life Coaching lets you achieve what you want in your life with all the structure, tools, and support of a skilled Life Coach. To know how a coach works with you and how well you both go through, you can book a free session before committing. Usually, the free session lasts for a short time to check the compatibility between you and your coach.

Why should you choose catalyyze for life coaching?

A Life Coach is someone who assists you to identify what your goals are, and inspires you through it until you achieve it. A life coach is also a person who can see and direct from a perspective you don’t have and unveils the best in you with their skills. An experienced life coach helps you to articulate your present situation, end goals and design a plan to reach there. The coach’s ability to formulate a way that fits you best to achieve your goals is what makes life coaching differently. Usually, a well-experienced and trained life coach knows it all very well on how to trigger their client to motivate.
At Catalyyze, you can find some good Life Coaches, with top accredited biographies and their range of session details. They ensure their clients reach the best coaches across the globe. At Catalyyze, you can also find top-quality coaches who have expertise in Business Coaching, Career Coaching, and Leadership Coaching. You can find a coach at Catalyyze for your different needs, including speeding up your career growth, transition into a new role, success in your business, or improving personal and professional relationships.
The communication mode at Catalyyze is through telephone, in person, or video call. The best part is, you can book a free call or session before starting up with a coach to understand how the coaching process goes with them. The free session lasts for 30minutes where you can find out if you can get well with that coach. At Catalyyze, a commitment is developed between the life coach and you, with a structured approach, which helps you to experience a worthy and long-lasting change.

Are you ready for life coaching?

You might be considering a life coaching seeking development in your personal or professional life for various reasons. Whether you are looking to develop more uniform and healthier thoughts, or want to embrace a few lifestyle improvements, or want to change the direction of your life completely, a life coach can help you get there. To make it simple, you want to live a better life by approaching life coach. However, you should not approach a life coach if you are not ready, because you might probably waste your time and money.
Life Coaching is a powerful tool that helps you achieve your goals and is most effective with the right approach and right situation. So before you approach a life coach, ask yourself how coaching is going to help you find the solutions you need. Make sure you are ready and willing to make the necessary changes to meet your desired goals as suggested by your coach.
You need to ask a few questions to make it clear for yourself to know if you are ready for coaching.

  • Do you have clear goals?
  • Are you ready to embrace the change?
  • Are you ready to invest in yourself?
  • Are you ready to take action? And finally,
  • Have you found the right coach?

This will help you identify if life coaching is right for you at this particular time of your life. For more clarification of taking help from coaching, you can try the free initial session from a good coach. This will help you to make a wise decision. If you decide to take coaching, remember that it is a great investment in yourself.

How to be a life coach?

To become a life coach you need to have an enthusiasm to help others in various situations. Indeed, life coaching is a booming career field that provides personal, professional, and financial satisfaction. A coach can work on flexible schedules from anywhere, as you can coach a client either in person, or on the phone, or online.
Step 1 – Understand The Job
To become a life coach, you need to first understand what is life coaching. This will help you understand if you can fit in as a life coach.
Step 2 – Do A Self-assessment
You need to ask yourself a few crucial questions to check if you have essential qualities to become a life coach. If you love to listen, good at talking, guide others to make decisions, and so on, you can be a life coach.
Step 3 – Choose A Niche
Coaching is a vast field with countless niches. With a specialization, coaches can market their services for specific clients. Some of the specialization’s life coaches can choose are:

  • Business
  • Career transition and job search
  • Spirituality
  • Relationship
  • General wellness, and more.

Step 4 – Complete a Training Program
To deliver efficient services and be successful, coaches are required to take the training. Training programs accredited by ICF include learning principles of coaching, how to perform coaching, ethics, and communication skills.
Step 5 – Get A Credential
Having certification from associations like ICF gains the client’s trust. ICF offers various credentials for professionals: ACC and PCC, which requires certain expertise and demonstrates high work standards. Step 6 – Prepare For The Journey
You need to be prepared emotionally for beginning your journey as a life coach. Getting other's life in order is essential and so is yours, which is an ongoing process for a life coach.

What are life coaching certification?

There are many life coaching certification courses. The most common governing bodies to establish a standard in education, training & ethics for these courses are

a) The International coaching federation (ICF)

b) The international association of coaching (IAC)

c) The center for credentialing and education (CCE)

Of the three governing bodies mentioned, ICF is the most widely adopted credentialing service.
Even though, these governing bodies are there, there is no legal framework around coaching. Hence, we at Catalyyze have decided to make sure, we bring to you the coaches who have demonstrated capabilities of successfully transform their clients’ lives.

What are the life coaching courses?

Generally, all life coaching governing bodies provide accreditation to life coaching courses. If a life coaching course that is accredited by the above mentioned governing bodies, then you can consider them for your life coaching certification.

What is a credentialed life coach?

The main requirement for any life coach is being passionate about their work. A person who wants to help others, and offers advice or provides guidance can become a life coach. Regardless of their age or educational background, anyone can become a life coach. However, this doesn’t mean just because someone says they are a life coach, they have all the skills to practice as a coach. This is why several life coaches choose to become certified. A life coach who is certified gains the trust of their clients more easily compared to the one who is not certified.
The life coach certification offers a set of universally accepted standards and experience that coaches should achieve. The International Coach Federation (ICF), a membership organization of trained coached offers life coach certification. ICF provides independent certification and accredited programs aiming to deliver coach-specific training and sets certain standards for coaches. The ICF offers two primary coaching credentials: Associate Certified Coach (ACC), the 60-hour credential and Professional Certified Coach (PCC), the 130-hour credential. The ICF defines life coaching as associating with the clients in a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire them to maximize their professional and personal potential.
The ICF accredited coach training program covers:

  • Coach skills training
  • Mentor coaching
  • Ethics training
  • Session observation
  • Final exam

Coaching helps people to come out of their comfort zone into their potential, unlocking sources of productivity and creativity. Many life coaches pursue credentialing as it helps to validate their professional level of training and showcase it as a way to distinguish themselves for better marketing.

What are the top qualities to look for in a life coach?

A good life coach encourages and supports people to learn to be accountable to their professional and personal lives. Therefore, deciding to choose a life coach is important as coaching affects you emotionally and financially. With life coaching, you will start seeing your life from a different perspective and are motivated to achieve what you want in your life, by building confidence in you. Because life coaching helps to change your life or you will start anew, it is truly important to choose a good life coach. But, how can you find or choose the right coach? The first thing to consider is you must like them. Your chemistry is the key to build a successful relationship with your coach. However, you cannot understand if you can create that rapport with a coach if they don’t reveal much about them.

  • Being Passionate – A life coach’s passion to help others allows them to understand their client's emotions and barriers to their success.
  • Positive Attitude – A coach should maintain positivity to inspire clients to gain their trust in them.
  • Communicate Clearly – An excellent coach can communicate well on various levels, such as body language and vocabulary.
  • Great Listening Skills – Listening to your client is what is all about life coaching, which helps in understanding your issues.
  • Audacity – A good coach will dare to challenge their clients, even though they risk to lose their potential clients.
  • Be Observant – One of the good qualities of a coach is to be a goodobserver, as they will learn much about their clients by observing.
  • Authenticity – When a life coach’s passion is helping others, they will provide their services at affordable prices to all.