Key highlights of executive coaching simplified in few Q&As.

Why should you hire an executive coach / What are the benefits of executive coaching?

The executive has many advantages by working with him. Executive coaching unlocks the ability of leaders to maximize their own performance and lead their organization towards success. Professional executive coaches serve as mentor guides and challengers to teachers. Who challenge executive level leadership roles to business owners and employees to improve their overall performance and bottom line.

Get clear on your goals.

Whenever you can see yourself more clearly one can have a deep experience. Research suggests that clear self-awareness leaders have higher levels of organizational effectiveness and increased profitability. An effective executive can help you build the skills to see yourself more clearly your goals and future paths.

Plan a strategy to ensure development.

A clear concise strategic plan is essential to ensure steady growth in any business. Once the key goals are established, your coach will work with you to create a strategically optimized plan with a ratio that includes winning strategies that will help your company meet its goals.

Increase profit.

An executive coach will help you increase your sales revenue and improve your business profit provider. Adjustments to your strategy can earn huge profits. More specifically an executive coach will provide you with valuable insights and direction that allows you to generate the greatest profit in the least amount of time.

Build your team for maximum results.

Having a strong integrated team is an important component of any well-run company. Executive coaches specialize in leadership development and team coaching. They provide specific guidance on how people manage teams and processes to improve event outcomes.

Who is executive coaching for?

How many of us are in a hurry to make decisions at work even if you work as a member of a new management team with very little time to make a choice about your career project. When the time is of the abstract , it is essential to be able to think quickly and be able to understand the landscape.

In addition to the c-suite typing leadership coaches, all employees can benefit from traveling to develop new skills and prepare to travel to better business people.

Set goals

ow do you want to feel when your time with your coach ends. What will you be able to do better than what you want to do now? Why do you want to lose your fear? You and your coach should work together to define the goals for your executive coaching because if you are on the same page and both are working towards more common aims then you will get better results. Your goals may be specific or general but they should be spellbound and generally agreed upon.

Be open to new perspectives.

Your coach did not do the work that you do and it is good. Opening yourself up to new perspectives and feeling safe. But looking at things from a different perspective can be quite valuable. If something describes you from their point of view that does not mesh with your own, dig deep. Do team members really pass away and make time for quarterly reports and you come under pressure from the board. Learn to see yourself how others see you.

Don’t just participate, Commit.

It is one thing to participate in a practice session role playing exercise and to be given homework by the executive coach. This is important, but to get the maximum amount of workouts like your executive, you have to be committed to doing them all. Doing homework assignments and then forgetting all about them can be a huge waste of time. Like playing complex interactions with team members and dismissing when the real situation arises. You get out of your executive coaching relationship that you put into it.

Why does executive coaching work?

We are all just human beings stuck up at our life hurdles, sometimes we find a way ourselves and fighting it back, sometimes we seek help from our closed ones and that’s normal! There might be people who are going through a lot in their personal or professional lives and can't figure out the reasons behind the cause. Executive coaches are the catalyst agents for your industry life equation. Executive coaches are not necessarily your consultants or advisors, instead they help you learn the art of resolving your own issues yourself. Throughout the process your executive coach will be assessing your behaviour traits, help you self-analyse yourself and help you stay motivated. Self-development is the most overlooked factor among individuals working in this fast world and executive coaches are your answer.
Executive coaches have become a common investment strategy by industries for higher rank executives for better productivity and company’s growth. Executive coaches help out people in their decision making and enhance their leadership skills, as employees look up to their leaders who are self-confident and possess leadership qualities. Sometimes, they are not just to heal people out of their demotivated lives, they are also hired by companies to bring the best out of executives of higher ranks and put their 100% for better industrial environment and push the organization towards better goals. The coaches help in creating a healthy environment by helping managers to solve their interpersonal conflicts with other members associated in the organization, solve your behavioural issues and improve the management of the organization. The coaches also work at an internal level also helping an individual for promotion, better work performance, behavioural issues or anything he wants to push forward.
Catalyyze provides you a platform to reach out our certified trusted executive coaches and establishes a healthy relationship between the client and the coach. They aren't your mentors but they will help you get an insight of your own mind and help you move towards a harmonious healthy industrial life rewarded with good reputation, increased efficiency, healthy relationships and enhanced work environment.

How can an executive coach make you more successful?

Sometimes leaders get stuck. They see the competition is creeping upon them, but cannot figure out how to change things to their advantage. You might feel you are into a standstill situation and unable to find out what is missing. So, the solution is to turn on to an executive coach. Executive coaching opens up the gates of creativity and power with many unexpected benefits. It might also mean that the difference between stagnation and explosive growth.
Executive coaching is the practice of helping an executive or a manager to reach their goals, perform at their best, and develop as an individual. Every executive can benefit from executive coaching, no matter how successful they are. There is more to achieve for them in the future, both professional and personal. Executives who are in a myriad of circumstances could benefit from the coach’s valuable insights. If you are ready to take coaching with an open mind and real enthusiasm to grow, you can gain these benefits:

1. See yourself with clarity - An effective coach will collect the input from others on how they see you at the beginning of the engagement and after the engagement. They share this with you and also their perception of you, based on their observation and your interaction with others. They help you see yourself clearly where you need to grow.

2. Achieve what you want – This is the main output any client expects from their coaching. A good coach helps you get clear about your dreams and goals, as well as what are you capable of doing to achieve them. The coach will be honest with you about your performance, what you are dreaming to achieve for, and allowing you to understand what you are doing to support your goals. Your coach teaches you new ways of thinking and operating, improve new skills that help you to reach your goals, and create the career you want.

3. Build more productive relationships – A good coach will help you to come out from your usual range of familiarity and helps you recognize how building strong relationships help you grow.

4. See others clearly – A good and insightful executive coach will have neutral and accurate perceptions of those around you, then you have, and share them with you. To make you independent, the coach helps you apply the same skills you learned from seeing yourself clearly, in a way that you access others more accurately.

5. Leverage your existing strengths – An effective coach help you appreciate and weigh your inner strengths you have, but you may be underestimating them before.

How does executive coaching work?

Executive coaches are mostly hired by senior corporate employees either on their own or through their companies for more positive outcomes. The process involves coaches talking to them through phone calls, video calls or in person as per the comfort of the client. The client and the coach discuss among themselves the time period as per their requirements. Some might need constant coaching throughout the phase and some might need for a short period of time, it could be twice or once a month. All you need is to type on your search engines and we are here to provide you with the best trusted and certified executive coaches and help you reach heights in your employee efficiency.

You could be overworking yourself and still not getting the results you expect from yourself; the coach will help you derive insights to help you understand that overstressing can help in lower productivity levels. This is just an example of how the process looks like.

Catalyyze builds a strong relationship between a client and the coach when hired through companies, where the client in dialogue with the coach keeps the conversation confidential, but will be informing your closed one or the company head about the progress you would be doing. This creates a friendly secure environment for the client and the coach and establishes a trustworthy relation.

Usually executive coaches are hired for a certain goal or to achieve a particular goal or it could be for multiple objectives as per the client’s requirements. Usually executive coaches are hired for 8 months or a year’s span.

The process involves a lot of active participation from both sides and is beneficial for the client in various other ways.

How much does executive coaching cost?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors and doesn't have a specific answer. Executive coaching in today's generation is considered more like an investment done by companies on the high rank executives to bring out the best in them. People have stopped overlooking the fact that a little therapy of motivation is an essential medicine in everyone's life. When results are priority, money doesn’t matter. A lot of coaches’ charge as per hours invested, or take weekly or monthly instalments as well. It depends on the client’s requirements of the particular sessions.

Just not that, a coach's certification of the particular course and his past experience and the success it brought over the time, and the experience over the years or months and the clients requirements are strong factors in determination of the pay scale of an executive coach. While going through an executive coach's profile, don't overlook the fact that people without certification can't train you for better. This field doesn't need a mandatory certification to train you. Some coaches without certification are known for their best results in the business world for bringing out the best results from the higher rank executives.

Word of mouth is also a factor that you could consider upon in making a choice. Catalyyze will help to bring you across the best trusted coaches for your journey of achieving your goals. We make sure that every client is offered the best services from our trusted certified coaches and every money you spent is worth the time, effort and energy. This isn't expense but an investment towards your future success.

You are overwhelmed and struggle to handle the demands of your role. Can an executive coach help you?

Professional life can be demanding. If you are overwhelmed at work, even the simplest of tasks seem bigger and much less manageable than they actually are.

An executive coach can be hired at this point. Executive coach works with high-powered employees to help them gain self-worth, clarify goals and reach their professional objectives.

An executive coach will benefit you as a leader in the following ways:

  • Unlock your potential- Most of us have some strengths that we often underestimate. We somehow don’t see the uniqueness and de-value our capabilities. An executive coach helps you see these strengths, optimize them and use them effectively for the benefit of your organization. As a leader, your employees hold you in high esteem if you see yourself more clearly.
  • Unlock the potential of your team- Just like we underestimate our own strengths, we often fail to recognize the capabilities of our own employees. It is also very likely that we overestimate the poor performers and retain them thinking that they are better than they actually are. An effective executive coach gives you an accurate perception of yourself and your team which directly translates to organizational effectiveness and profitability.
  • Build relationships- Today leaders are defined by their ability to grow their employees around them. Most of the time we limit our effectiveness by building strong relationships with only certain kinds of people. A good coach helps you see beyond these limiting assumptions so that you build productive working relationships with a wider variety of people.
  • Clarify goals- A good executive coach is a powerful support system who helps you get a clear insight into your goals. They help you in getting focused so that you are able to perform more effectively.

You have a high-potential employee who lacks motivation. Can you hire an executive coach for him or her?

Executive coaching is provided to high-potential employees in order to broaden, develop and motivate them for their improved performance in the organization. If you are struggling to handle the demands of your role, an executive coach can provide the desired motivation in following ways:

  • Self-motivation- Fostering self-motivation to employees is essential. It is the intrinsic motivation that inspires passion and drive in the employee to achieve the desired goals. An efficient coach provides this self-motivation which translates to an increase in emotional intelligence and ability to empathize with their co-workers. This, in turn, improves employee’s performance and boosts their job satisfaction.
  • Self-promotion- Self-promotion is the key to success. It helps you gain recognition as your coworkers become aware of how you positively impact the organization. A good coach makes you follow the steps that help you increase your visibility in your organization in a subtle manner.
  • Skill-set- Effective executive coach hones your skill-set with persistent and patient effort. They help you stand out, get noticed and help you gain recognition in your organization.
  • Feedback- By providing constant feedback to employees, an executive coach sets the stage for success. By providing the positive comments that your team members have made for your work, keeping a record of your accomplishments and listing the responsibilities that you have fulfilled successfully, an executive coach keeps you motivated.

You have a high-potential employee who lacks motivation. Can you hire an executive coach for him or her?

Companies hire executive coaches to invest in their high-potential employees. As a part of an executive development program, it is imperative to hire an executive coach to provide additional support to the employees. Hiring an executive coach has gained widespread acceptance all over the world and India. Following methods can help you to choose the best executive coach to suit your needs-

  • Online research- Many training centres all over India provide training for becoming an executive coach. Do your own research. Look for training centres that provide higher certification for their coaches, set a minimum standard to be able to register as a coach and train coaches well beyond the minimum requirement.
  • SSkill-set- Most coaches specialize in a specific area, for example, life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching or career coaching. Be clear about the skill-set that you are looking for so that you hire a coach who meets your expectations.
  • Free consultation- Almost all executive coaches offer a free consultation. A free consultation session is the best way to see if the executive coach is the best fit for you.
  • Word of mouth- Look for reviews, see the ratings of clients or ask your friends. A coach who is recommended by friends and acquaintances is more likely to influence positive outcomes.

You have great technical skills and you have been promoted to a managerial position. Can an executive coach help you?

Congratulations on your new role. However, with new responsibilities come higher expectations and bigger challenges that you may find overwhelming at times. Not everyone is a born leader. But leadership qualities can be developed with the right training and guidance from a skilled professional. This is where executive coaching can help you.

Executive coaching will pull out the leader in you

Executive coaching services come with effective strategies to unleash the hidden potential of the executives in leadership positions and steer them towards taking their organization to heights. Executive coaches are not counselors who listen to the set of problems and give advice to resolve it. They strive to create self-awareness in the executives and help them set clear goals to move towards their development objectives. Rather than becoming a mere sounding board, they move the executives towards self-resolving their problems. They ask probing questions and set the train of thoughts moving for the executives with the destination being self-discovery.

An executive coach can transform your approach to work and life by incorporating certain skill sets in you.

  • Develop better self-awareness. This is crucial for the success of an organization. Throwing away the notions you have of yourself, seeing yourself from the employee's angle, and coming out of your ego shell can inculcate finer qualities in you to bring out the leader that employees look up to follow.
  • Develop a better understanding of others. A great leader should be able to see through others clearly without any bias or preconceived notions. Only if you can form an accurate assessment of your employees on their character, abilities, potentials and performances, you will be in a position to guide and motivate them to achieve their goals.
  • Learn to handle others in the right way. How you respond to your employees and how you handle them goes a long way in deciding your team’s success. Executive coaches can teach you the right communication and approach for different situations at work.
  • In an executive coaching session, be prepared to face questions that stretch your boundaries and challenge your goals to eventually provide you with clarity of vision for achieving the development goals.

What is the ROI of executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a powerful tool to bring about changes in the top leadership in an organization. Being one-on-one session executive coaching is usually viewed as a high investment. But the benefits it can bring to an organization are huge. The return-on-investment of executive coaching is high because when individuals in the top and middle management level with high potential to perform are transformed through executive coaching; they, in turn, bring changes throughout the organization and create a far-reaching impact.

What are the facts on the ROI of executive coaching?

The return on investment of executive coaching is measurable and a number of studies have been carried out to understand the same. The benefits of executive coaching are both tangible and intangible. These benefits are converted to monetary terms to calculate the ROI.

  • When executive coaching is given along with leadership training the behavior change of executives increased from 22 % to 80 %. This is a 4 times increase emphasizing the ROI of executive coaching.
  • A study by Hudson Institute shows that companies increasingly prefer one-on-one training compared to the traditional ones because of the ease with which ROI on executive coaching can be tracked.
  • Another study points out that executive coaching gives a median return that is 7 times of the first investment, while the Manchester review study places the ROI at 5.7 times of the initial executive coaching investment.
  • 75 % of respondents rated the executive coaching to have a value “far greater” or “considerably greater” for the money invested.
  • Executive coaching has been shown to increase the net revenue by 6.5 % and reduce the operation cost by 6.3 %.

Executive coaching has been reported to show remarkable improvements in sales, productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, and also reduces risk. The proven ROI of executive coaching is motivating organizations to increasingly incorporate executive coaching in their training and development programs.

Why should you hire Catalyyze executive coaching services?

Catalyyze does not leave any stone unturned to bring the top executive coaching service to the table. With Catalyyze you get the best coaches, best training and best results. The executive coaches at Catalyyze are warm and friendly with abounding positive energy to transform you to true leaders and performers who can lead their team to heights.

At Catalyzze executives are coached with dedication.

Thanks to the team of wonderful coaches, Catalyzze promises dedication, commitment, trust, and reliability.

Only expert coaches. This platform brings the best and hand-picked coaches who are well-trained with years of experience to bring tremendous transformation in our client’s life and career. Stringent three-stage onboarding process is followed and the result is a team of passionate and dedicated coaches who love what they do – connect with people.

Coaches with the best academic credentials and certifications alone make it to Catalyyze. On top of that our coaches have a proven track record vouched by client feedback. Detailed probing happens during the interview where the personality, background, working style and other subjective qualities that are mandatory in a great coach is assessed. With this filtering in place, you can’t find a mediocre coach at Catalyzze. Our coaches can be accessed from anywhere in the globe through voice call or video call.

Find your coach in minutes.The process of finding your coach is quite simple at Catlyyze. Our website is user-friendly and self-explanatory that you will not need any help to search and find a coach matching your needs. Once you have shortlisted the coaches you feel are right for you, a free call can be arranged with them for you to choose the coach with the right vibe. Sessions are then scheduled at mutually convenient slots and you can pay online with our secure payment gateway.

Catalyzze has a transparent pricing and our executive coaching services are truly value for money.

What are executive coaching certifications?

Organizations consistently equip their executives with new tools and techniques to enhance their performance and help them develop as an individual. Executive coaching is one such tool aimed at bringing positive change in the executive, and by extension in the organization. It has become a part of the strategic agenda in corporate India. Executive coaching is a collaborative relationship between a coach and the executive that helps executives have a broader vision to reach their goals and optimize their performance.

The world of executive coaching has grown by leaps and bounds. In this light, companies are hiring the best executive coaches to catapult their business to newer heights.

To become a certified executive coach, there are professional coaching certifications available. These certifications ensure a minimum standard for credentialing executive coaches. Three top executive coaching certification organizations are-

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)- ICF is a globally recognized coaching organization. Considered a leader in coaching certification, ICF represents the highest standard in professional coaching. ICF coaches have to undergo rigorous education and training to get the ICF certification. ICF coaches have worked with national and international clients, business tycoons and well-established organizations. In their commitment to excellence, ICF maintains its standards by providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to its coaches. Training and Skills Enhancement, and Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Sources for Credential Renewal are the distinct elements of CPD.
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)- EMCC certification helps you become a Senior Practitioner. To become an EMCC certified coach, you need minimum of 5 years of coaching experience. It is one of the most advanced coaching bodies across Europe.
  • Centre for Credentialing and Education (CCE)- CCE offers one type of certification: Board Certified Coach. Along with Executive coaching certification, CCE also provides assessment and business support as required. The professional development programs of CCE continually focus on the development of the coach’s competence and provide opportunities for consistent growth and development of coaches.

What are executive coaching certifications?

With executive coaching gaining popularity and top organizations hiring executive coaches to develop executive-level skills, a lot of people are considering executive coaching as a possible career option.

Hybrid courses or fully online courses are available to train you to become an executive coach. These integrated courses combine psychology theories with the principles of business and management. Let’s take a look at a few online courses related to executive coaching:

  • Coaching Techniques Course- This course teaches different methods and techniques required for coaching clients at workplace. Relationship building, creating awareness, establishing trust, developing the right plans and strategies for effective coaching are some of the topics in this course. Students learn through online guest lectures, presentations, readings and online assignments and exercises.
  • Coaching Theories Course- Student learn different factors related to coaching such as cognitive behaviour therapy, behavioral science, system thinking and solution-based philosophies and therapies. The curriculum involves online lectures, written assignments, audio-video presentations and online discussion groups.
  • Motivation in the Workplace Course- The core of this course is, “how to motivate employees at workplace?” The curriculum involves learning effective methods of motivating employees to improve their performance at work.
  • Psychology Survey Course- This course focuses on theories of different personalities, different personality traits, social and human motives, history of psychology, psychological therapies and measurements of intelligence. Students learn through research, cognitive development, therapies, human memory and ethics.
  • Organizational Behaviour Course- This course focuses on understanding human behaviour in organizations, behaviour of groups of people in the organization and organizational behaviour as a whole. Using a combination of psychology, sociology and other disciplines, students explore the work culture of organizations, motivational factors at work and group dynamics.

Methods for Coaching in Business- This is a broad-range course in which students learn various methods and techniques for coaching employees to be successful in business. The course covers a wide range of topics such as motivational interviewing, group coaching, cognitive coaching, different research practices for coaching, and innovative coaching techniques and practices. Students will practice the skills learnt in the course in peer groups and learn the techniques of the personalized coaching development plan.