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Harsh Kumar Johari

Bangalore, India

Career Executive Leadership Life Relationship
  • 24 years of very diverse professional experience in across shipping and financial services industries
  • Worked as Captain of ships in Merchant Navy (Anglo-eastern Ship Management, HongKong ) and Senior-Vice President (Operations) with Goldman Sachs
  • Coaching focus areas include leadership development, career transition, team development and personal happiness blueprints. Current clients include senior leaders across industries such as finance, shipping, consulting and technology

A Ship's Captain turned Investment Banker turned Leadership Coach, with diverse professional experience of 25 years across Investment Banking & Financial Services and International Shipping & Logistic...

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Sonam Arya Gulati

Delhi, India

Business Executive Leadership Life Relationship Spiritual
  • More than 11 years of experience and 7 years as a capability developer with continuous learning; Image Consultant, Facilitator, NLP Practitioner and ICF certified Coach. I believe continuous learning is extremely important in our profession to grow.
  • Worked with 5500 plus people including workshops and one-on-ones from the age group of 22 to 60. Starting from a fresher to ones close to retirement.
  • Emotional Intelligence, Applied Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Personal Branding & Image Management are some of my key strengths.

I am a self discovery coach and am passionate about making a difference in people’s life by bringing in a fresh perspective that drives an individual towards connecting with themselves. I enable ind...

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Relationship Coaching FAQs

What is relationship coaching?

Relationship coaching addresses the most basic needs of humanity - love, and connection that helps individuals to find greater fulfillment in their personal and professional relationships. It's not possible to be successful or feel fulfilled for an individual without a supportive and successful relationship. A person who is struggling with their relationships seeks help from a relationship coach to get the motivation to promote positive relationships.

First, you need to understand that a relationship doesn't mean only a romantic relationship, but a relationship has different facets of our lives. We will build a relationship with every person we communicate in our daily life, be it your family, friends, spouse, children, colleagues, your boss, your employees, clients, your employer, your partner, or even yourself. Yet, we cannot get along easily with some people, who happen to be a person you live or work with. Relationship coaching helps you understand a person better, including yourself.

A relationship coach helps their clients set relationship goals to take their relationship to the next level. A relationship coach has expertise in romantic relationships, as well as in relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Coaching helps people to let go of their painful thoughts and create a clear relationship vision. A relationship coach guides you on how to be self-confident, self-love, and self-worth while letting go of unwanted or negative beliefs that create conflict in your relationships.

Both partners don't need to participate in the coaching process, but they can see positive results and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with their partners or spouses. A relationship coach works with singles, who have troubled relationships and who are unaware of what they want from their relationship. They also work with couples to guide and improve their communication and ways to solve their conflicts. However, relationship coaching is not a couples therapy or psychotherapy. They only clear up your thoughts and scars that arise from a painful relationship, to find peace with where you are now.

What is the origin of relationship coaching?

Relationship coaching applies to both personal and business relationships. Relationship coaching is a unique form of life coaching that helps a person to find fulfillment in their relationships and life. With the relationship coaching, an individual will learn to value relationships with their spouse, family, friends, partners, colleagues, and their community. Moreover, a relationship coach helps you be honest with yourself, good at providing reality checks whenever necessary and neutralizes tendencies you have to settle for less than what you want. They also help you solve problems when they are small and helps you take responsibility for creating healthy relationships.

The term "relationship coach" has been used by various professionals for many years, including, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, and social workers. When life coaching is recognized as a profession after its evolution, relationship coaching was developed by David Steele, a Marriage and Family Therapist. He founded the Relationship Coaching Institute in 1997, and the International Coach Federation established training standards, methodologies, and certification courses for relationship coaching. Relationship coaching is in practice since then and serving several individuals to find what they desire for in a relationship, and lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Relationship Coaching Institute classified relationship coaching Specialties that includes:

  • Singles coaching
  • Couples coaching
  • Family coaching, and
  • Business relationship coaching

Each specialty relationship coaching is again divided into various other groups to give specific and tailored coaching to each individual to improve their relationships.

  • Singles or couples who want to be in healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationships.
  • Who are tired of conflict, aggressive, and fighting, and is ready to stop now.
  • Who wants to experience the greater depth, intimacy, meaning, and purpose of their relationships.
  • Who are tired of avoiding conflicts and affecting their relationship to feel empty, stressed, and disconnected.
  • Who wants to learn ways of communicating to prevent destructive arguments and express themselves and feel heard.

What is the origin of relationship coaching?

Relationship coaching is a professional coaching service to attain good personal and business relationships. Where as many become motivated to seek professional help when struggling with their personal relationships. Life coaching and relationship coaching are positive, results-oriented professional services.

In the present day world, the lifestyle that we are living in, we have been encountering divorce rates rising. That is because of a lack of commitment, abundant ego, lack of trust, etc. People are changing, their relationship must change with them to keep the feeling of closeness and friendship intact and strong.

The key to a successful life relationship is to work together with your partner to have a clear picture of what each of you wants. This helps you to make effective choices so that you both actually get what you want. Once you start working together effectively and passionately for yourself and your relationship, the choices and opportunities for success will easily present themselves.

There can be solvable and unsolvable problems in any relationship. Problems that remain unsolved when the passion to have a healthy relationship and communication are not present, resulting in unhappiness and displeasure. Unsolved problems result in failed relationships, and can be overcome with Relationship Coaching. A relationship coaching can be the answer or can give the answers to many of your unsolved and unanswered questions or problems.

Relationship coaches focus on identifying couple goals, identifying and understanding obstacles in the way of a happy relationship, and help you to build a pathway to content and committed future. Relationship coaching for couples can work in many ways - he helps them to heal, forgive and forget the past wounds, help them to find happiness, joy, and excitement in whatever they do together, help them to stay committed and save their relationship, help them to understand each other's needs and act towards it without sacrificing theirs. This way a healthy, altruistic, sustainable, long term relationship can be built.

Relationship coaching might help untangle love knots which is creating problems between the partners. Coaching specifies the relationship issues clearly differentiating what we can control with what we cannot. Relationships certainly benefit from coaching, but each marriage has its' own unique set of difficulties, so it is quite uncertain to depict whether or not a marriage will grow stronger through the process of coaching, it can only be achieved with the cooperation and commitment from the coachee.

What are the specialization of relationship coaching?

Relationship Coaching is of all kinds and deals with overall human behaviour which could empower our relationships with other human beings. While a Relationship coach can actually step into multiple layers of human behaviour coaching, there are some specializations as well under this segment and many coaches take those as their core niche and build expertise in handling it.

Specializations under Relationship Coaching are:

  • Couples Coach
  • Marriage Coach
  • Dating Coach
  • Family Coach
  • Business Relations Coach
  • Parents & Teens Coach

If we look at a little in detail about each of them, we will know that each of these specializations are unique in their own way and different from each other:

  • Couples Coach: This coach will primarily work with couples (married or not) and try to resolve their issues and concerns for each other and show them a way of living happily with each other
  • Marriage Coach: A marriage coach works specifically with married couples and deals with their matrimonial problems, which could either be between them or any external factors as well like in-laws & other relatives that try to disrupt their marriage
  • Dating Coach - Is someone who will build your confidence in yourself and get you to the ability of finding a right partner for yourself. He may also help you polish your communication skills or groom you to be more presentable in front of your date
  • Family Coach: Is someone who works with the entire family and try to tie loose ends which are leading to strained relationships. He may work at one or all members of the family together to achieve the desired results
  • Business Relations Coach: Some people are not very good at maintaining professional relations with their colleagues and hence sometimes loose the opportunity to grow. A Business Relationship coach will help you be more social and interactive with people at your workplace as well
  • Parents & Teens Coach: If you have growing children at home and both parents are working professionals, it becomes extremely difficult to raise kids in a disciplined environment. This coach will guide you into the nuances of handing children's behaviour and dealing with them with more affection and care

These are the various specializations that fall under the Relationship Coaching category

Is relationship coaching same as couple therapy?

Relationship coaching is a type of coaching specialization that helps people to find better fulfillment in their personal relationships. A relationship coaching helps them to set couples' goals, a better understanding of their partner and their relationship, thrive inside their marriage or commitment, take your long-term relationship to the next level.

Relationship coaches typically have experience and expertise in relationship dynamics, from romantic relationships to family relations to business relationships.

Couple therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which a therapist with clinical experience working with couples. Many a time a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist [LMFT], helps couples involved in a romantic relationship find cognizance in their relationship, resolve their problems and improve relationship contentment utilizing a variety of therapeutic modes. The practice of couples therapy may vary from therapist to therapist depending on their theoretical orientation. All couples therapy involves the main focus of specific problems like sexual problems, disabilities, medical conditions, etc.

So, relationship coaching is absolutely different from couples' therapy. The coaches are trained experts, work based on their experience and expertise. Whereas therapists are doctors who treat medically.

When there are problems in a relationship, a relationship coach helps them to understand their issues, improve communication, personal growth, get some perspective, set inspiring new goals to accomplish together. But, in the case of medical problems or mental illness, couples therapy would be recommended. A therapist specializes in working towards healing past trauma, resolve emotional issues like a previous divorce, infidelity, illness or death, etc.

Always, the coaching is misunderstood for therapy and vice versa or may be misconceptualized as same. In reality, the underline is, a therapy works towards healing whereas the coaching works towards getting results.

Can a relationship coaching save your marriage?

Relationships today have taken a 180-degree change. Past relationships were stronger and longer-lasting as compared to relationships today.

In the wake of relationships becoming so fragile, relationship coaching offers an excellent platform to seek greater fulfillment in your personal relationships.

Relationship coaching is a life coaching specialization in which the relationship coach and clients work collaboratively to identify and achieve their relationship goals. Relationship coaches understand your current relationship, delve deeper inside your marriage, help you cope with the loss of a loved one and resolve conflicts.

Despite the fact that people are looking for that "perfect match" to spend their lives with, the relationships are still going kaput.

Relationship coaching can help you untangle the knots of your marriage. Relationship coaching is solution-oriented. It focuses on what is happening in your marriage in the present moment. Each marriage is uniquely different and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Relationship coaches adopt following strategies to save your marriage from falling apart:

  • New perspective- Relationship coaches look at your marriage with a new perspective. As a couple, there might be many things that you are missing, or you may be having biased opinions about each other. Relationship coaches help you transform your thinking so that you view your partner in a more positive light.
  • Tools and techniques- A relationship coach uses emotional tools to strengthen your relationship. A relationship coach wants your marriage to succeed and provides effective tools to connect with your partner.
  • Accountability- A good relationship coach holds you accountable for the outcome of coaching. The coach merely acts as a facilitator in accomplishing your objectives of attaining a fruitful relationship.
  • Challenge- A relationship coach lovingly challenges you to look into the reality of your marriage and helps you confront truths about your marriage. They help you transform your marriage by setting realistic goals.
  • Support- Providing support during hard times is therapeutic. A relationship coach is that support person who gives you backing in a crisis level state of your marriage. You, your partner and your coach work collaboratively to make your relationship work.

How to choose a relationship coach?

With so many online apps, dating platforms and matchmaking websites we have today, dating has never been easier. With the advancement in technology, modern dating is evolving every day.
Not only romantic relationships but family relationships, relationships with friends and professional relationships have also evolved as a part of the changing culture.
Despite the ease, relationships today have become complex and ambiguous. Modern day relationships are crumbling like never before.

Relationship Coaching
Relationship coaching is a unique platform that helps you find fulfillment in your personal and professional relationships. Relationship coach supports you in building a loving relationship with your partner by understanding your current relationship status and setting relationship goals.

How to choose a relationship coach

  • Free coach recommendation from coach matching expert- Coach matching experts help you get a personalized coach recommendation depending upon your age, profession, current situation and location. These experts send you a list of experienced and skilled coaches as per your specific situation.
  • Free consultation session- Most coaches offer a free, 20-minute consultation. These sessions can be given in person, by phone or through video conferencing. The free consultation session gives you an insight into the capabilities and coaching philosophy of your coach. This first session is instrumental in deciding if subsequent coaching sessions will yield any positive results for you.
  • Online search- You are your best judge. Based on your current situation, you can search for relationship coaches as per your specific relationship goals. You can read their online profile to know about their experience, area of expertise, reviews and hourly rate. You can even choose a relationship coach depending upon your coaching preference; whether you want to be coached in person, through video conferencing or on phone.
  • Recommendations from friends and relatives- Word of mouth is still considered the best form of advertising. Seek referrals from your friends, relatives and contacts who have had a successful coaching experience.

What are the key considerations while selecting a relationship coach?

A) A coach gives correction without causing resentment. As a client, it is important to explore and find the best fit for your needs. Let's take a look at some key considerations that help finalize your selection of a relationship coach-

  • Training and certification- A relationship coach who has received training and certification from an approved program is a value addition for both the coach and you. Certified coaches are more committed and guarantee a professional standard of quality assurance. Getting coach certification from programs such as ICF (International Coach Federation) ensures that coaches are well experienced, reliable and follow a strict code of ethics.
  • Experience- Many training and certification programs provide coach-in-training or internships that require coaches to work with clients to successfully complete their training. This experience and practice helps them learn the skills of coaching and become more proficient.
  • Background- A relationship coach with a previous career, experience or education in a similar field may have a stronger understanding of your situation. For example, if your goal is relationship building, then you may prefer a coach with a background in family counselling.
  • Free informational consultation- Almost all coaches offer a free 20 to 30-minute informational call or consultation. The session helps both you and your coach to explore the beginning of your relationship.
  • Facilitator- Your relationship coach does not tell you "What to do?" Your relationship coach should be able to address "How you should reach an optimal level of performance and well-being in your relationship?" The coach merely acts as a facilitator and helps "you" discover what you want from your relationship. The foundation of your relationship with your coach should be that "You are your own expert."
  • Rapport- A strong positive rapport between you and your coach lays a strong foundation for fruitful results. Together you face hurdles, build strategies to facilitate change and celebrate success. Select a coach with whom you can have open and honest communication.

Why should you hire a Catalyyze relationship coach?

Catalyyze is a marketplace where you can search and find the best coaches from across the globe in various niche with extensive experience in the Coaching profession and proven track record. If you were to otherwise search for a Relationship Coach, you would look up online for a Coach nearby your location; however how would validate his or her credentials before hiring? You would not know their experience, their qualifications and the success ratio that they would have in their career. It is only after working with them that you would be able to gauge if they are absolutely suitable as per your requirement or not. However, by that time, you would have spent money, time as well as effort with the Coach and then if you don't get the desired results, you would surely be very disappointed.
With Catalyyze, you don't need to worry about the background check and validation of the Coach. That is already taken care by us. The Coach enrolment process with Catalyyze makes sure that you get the best qualified coach for your requirement. We check their educational documents, their Coaching credentials as well as take feedback from their previous clients on their success rate and only then enrol them with us. We also have Face-to-face interview session with the Coach before actually empanelling him or her into the company's list of Coaches. With this multiple level of screening and validation process, you can be rest assured that you will only get the best coach for you.
You could also have a free half an hour call with the coach to check compatibility before you actually finalize your coach. The Payment gateway with Catalyyze is also fairly simple wherein you don't need to make any physical cash payments to the coach; it is all done online and documented.
Therefore, working with Catalyyze Coaches will always give you an edge over any other source of finding coaches and working with them.

Who is the best relationship coach near me?

There are many Relationship Coaches in India who are certified in their profession and are practicing it since long with a great success rate as well. However, finding the best Relationship Coach near me could be a task which requires a bit of research and understanding. The best way of getting a Relationship Coach for yourself is by looking up online and searching for options that match your requirement. There are various factors you would consider before actually determining who is the best Relationship Coach near me.

Let's look at what criteria would be looked upon before you classify someone as a best Relationship coach for you near me:

  • Locality: A Relationship Coach is someone who would spend time with you and sometimes your partner as well to understand your concerns and help you derive solutions to them. Hence, it is imperative that you look for a Relationship coach who is in a close vicinity to you so that meeting him or her does not become a concern for you.
  • Type of Relationship Coach: The niche that the Coach works on is also very important before considering him to be suitable for your requirement. If you are facing marital problems, you won't consult a Dating Coach and vice-versa or you would not consult a Family Coach for your Dating related issues. Therefore, understanding the niche in which the Relationship Coach specializes is also very important before finalizing one.
  • Medium of Communication: Some coaches prefer telephonic conversations over face-to-face interactions; however, your preference could be a meeting wherein you could discuss your problems in person and understand the way forward. This information would be available sometimes when you are looking up for a Relationship Coach online and decide accordingly.
  • Charges: The Coach fees also matters a lot before you finalize on your Relationship coach. While you would certainly want the best coach to work with you on your relationship issues and sort them out for you; however, the pocket may not allow that often. Hence you need budget out how much you would want to spend while hiring a coach and accordingly start your search.

Any Coach that meets all your criteria on the above mentioned factors could be the best fit Relationship Coach for you.

What is the difference between relationship coach, dating coach, marriage coch, love coach, singles coach, business relationship coach and family coach?

A Relationship Coach is someone who works with you on your interpersonal skills and helps you build good relationships. Those relationships could be with anyone - your partner, your family, your friends, your children or on an official level as well.
A Dating coach is someone who helps single people who are looking at alliances or desired partners in their lives to build their vision and goal in order to find a suitable partner. A Marriage Coach is someone who helps couples deal with their marriage problems which could arise of multiple issues ranging from work-life imbalance, infidelity, past relationship or even children related issues. Love Coach helps people upgrading their romantic lives. Some people who think they are not very romantic and cannot lure their partner with their ways of showing affection, they approach Love Coaches for guidance on how they can bring the spark back in their life. Whereas Family Coach is someone who will work with the entire family and try to resolve issues amongst each of them to bring harmony and love back in their lives.
A Relationship Coach can actually play all these characters together as he is someone who can help you deal with all kinds of relationship issues. Whether you are facing challenges in your marriage, there are concerns with your growing teenage child, your friends are drifting apart or you are not able to sustain yourself in a steady relationship - a Relationship Coach can help you deal with all of these problems and much more as they work upon your capability to interact with other human beings and build better relations. They are the ones who would identify which of your attributes are becoming a deterrent in your ability to understand people and how you could overcome those by taking some corrective measures. Hence, to summarize, a relationship coach is a holistic term but there could be specific niche where each coach could be a master in handling the situations better.

What are relationship coaching certifications?

There is no mandate degree or training that one has to attend to become a Relationship Coach. However, there is a certification program that you can attend and get certified if you are serious about taking your Coaching career to the next level and yield great results.

ICF, which is International Coaching Federation, is the only governing body across the globe that provides a certification for any kind of Coaching. There are three levels of ICF certification:

  • ACC - Associate Certified Coach
  • PCC - Professional Certified Coach
  • MCC - Master Certified Coach

All these three certification programs have a minimum number of ICF approved training hours that you need to undergo from an accredited Master Trainer or certified Institute. In addition to the training hours, you also need to complete a minimum number of coaching hours to be eligible for these certifications. For example: for ACC certification, one needs to complete a minimum of 100 hours of Coaching to qualify for this certification.
The ICF approved coach specific training is a 60 hours course curriculum which covers all the concepts of coaching and also developing the business of Coaching. On successful completion of the 60 hours curriculum, you get recognised as an ICF Member and post that you could start your coaching assignments. However, for certification, you need to accumulate at least 100 hours of coaching to various people and also need to acquire a 10 hour Mentoring guidance under an existing ICF Certified Coach. This mentoring can also be provided by the Master Coach who has trained you on the ICF training. Once you have successfully completed all the prerequisites and displayed successful adaption of the ICF defined coaching standards, you can then apply for the certification with ICF.
Once you are an ICF certified Coach, a whole new horizon opens up for you in the world of Coaching and Mentoring. Your credibility increases as you are certified by the highest Coaching federation of the world. It is a global certification, hence no matter where you go, this certification will be recognised and valued.

What are relationship coaching training courses?

To become a Relationship coach, you don't need to really go through any specific training curriculum or attain any particular degree. If you understand the basics of Coaching, you can start right away by creating a little marketing strategy for your business. However, if you want get empanelled with any Coach training institutes or Coaching directories, then you may have to produce some accreditations of being a certified Relationship Coach.

Globally, it is only ICF - the International Coach Federation that accredits any coach program and certifies people to become a coach. This certification is valid globally and can be used in any organisation for a higher worth in your income. So, how do you get the ICF certification for being a Relationship Coach?

ICF does not do any training programs themselves, they are just an accreditation body. They have set 3 distinct programs or levels of certification for any type of coaching:

  • Associate Certified Coach
  • Professional Certified Coach
  • Master Certified Coach

Each of these levels have a predetermined curriculum, number of hours of classroom training that one has to attend and number of coaching sessions that one has to complete. To be able to get certified on that particular level, you need to complete all the prerequisites of that certification program including the Class room training hours.
These training programs are delivered by some accredited institutes who would provide the complete ICF training hours and also conduct mock coaching sessions for you to help you understand the concepts better. They would also assist you in getting the certification from ICF by guiding you through the entire process. There is a specific number of hours to be deployed for Mentoring also from an existing ICF Coach; most institutes will help you in this as well. Hence If you register for an ICF Coach Specific training with any recognised institute they would take you through your entire Coach transformation journey.

How much does relationship coaching cost?

When you are looking at hiring a Relationship Coach, you can expect a per hour charge to be anywhere between 50$ to more than 300$ as well. This disparity in the price range depends on many factors and each coach would have set his pricing basis these factors.

Factors affecting the Coaching fees:

  • The experience of the Coach matters predominantly on the per hour fees of the coach. If the coach is a Rookie, he would start out with charging less, set his foundation ground in the industry and then move to a higher slab. However, if you want an experienced coach to help you in your problem, then you should be ready to shell out some good money for that.
  • Mode of communication also plays a vital role. If you expect the Coach to meet you and talk to you about your problems, then there will certainly be a higher charge, but if you are comfortable having a telephonic or Skype conversation, then the charges could be less. It is basically the logistics charges which the coach would add.
  • Number of sessions per week or per month would also add on to the cost of hiring a coach. The lesser number of sessions conducted in a month, the lesser would be the charges. However sometimes, coaches offer packages as well, like pay for five sessions and get the sixth session free. That could also reduce your per session charge.
  • Group sessions or Individual coaching session would also make a difference in the amount of fees charged. If you are attending a group coaching or a Seminar from a Relationship coach to get some holistic view about managing relationships, then the charges could be much less than an individual coaching session.

Apart from all these factors, it depends upon the Coach and his own understanding of his ability to resolve your problems. Some coaches charge higher than others as their conviction on themselves could be much more on solving your issues rather than others.

Can relationship coaching help me keep my family together

Coaching is all about understanding what situation you are in, what is the reason that is affecting that situation and what steps you can take to have a better future. Relationship coaching is no different than this principle, the only difference is here we are looking at how you work around in your relations, what attribute of yours could possibly lead you to the current situation and how you could change those attributes to have a happy relationship.

A Family coaching program will have the same methodology applied to each member in the family and try to give each one of them a direction on what needs to be done to get the desired results. Some of the common reasons why a family coaching would be required are:

  • Marital issues - constant altercations or fights with spouse
  • Work life imbalance - not able to spend quality time with family
  • Raising up children - lack of support from the spouse in children's upbringing
  • Problem teenagers- children who have become rebellious
  • Issues with Divorce or Separation - coping up with the separation

A Relationship coach will be able to work with you closely on all these issues and be able to give you guidance on how you can make things better. He would not only work with you but also your family members to empower them on their behaviours and what are the impact of those behaviours on other family members.
This sense of understanding for each other in the family will surely bridge the gaps and also strengthen the bonds. It can surely bring your family back together, however keeping it that way for life is a skill that you will need to adapt and practice throughout. Keeping a family together in a happy environment always is a continuous process of efforts, attention and care required from all members of the family, and if that is understood, it surely can keep families together.

How to become a relationship coach?

Since Coaching is a booming industry globally, many people now desire to take up coaching careers. It is definitely a noble profession which also pays good; hence there are a lot of people aspiring to become a coach. There are no set standards or specific certifications required to become a Relationship Coach. Anyone, who has a propensity of being able to listen to people's problems and help them resolve it, can become a Relationship Coach. However, there are certain training programs and certification courses that you can take up so as to understand the nuances of the industry and the business that you are getting into. You will surely be able to get closer to your goals by attending these programs.
The first step you need to do before even applying for any of these courses is to understand what's your niche. Not everyone can coach on all aspects of Life & Relations. You need to retrospect within yourself and understand what you are good at. Can you speak to couples and solve their problems or are you good with single people's problems and guiding them through building their relationship? You could be a marriage coach or a family coach, that all depends on how well you understand that topic and how well you can interpret a situation and get to solutions.
Once you understand your niche, then you can apply for the specific training programs to upskill yourself in your pursuit. You can do a normal Coach training course from any institute that offers it or you could also get into the ICF Certification program from an accredited institute which will enable you to get an ICF Certification. ICF certification is a global accreditation and will help you market yourself in a much stronger way than any other course or training program.
Having said that, there is no specific requirement across the industry for any Relationship Coach to have a particular certification or degree to practice coaching. You need to be good at your niche and with experience you will be able to develop yourself more in this field.

What is the difference between relationship coaching and therapy?

This is a very commonly asked question and a lot of people are not able to make out the difference; hence are sometimes confused on whom to approach a coach or a therapist. Although both of them are trying to bring you peace; however, there are some very fundamental differences between the two.

  1. Coaches work on measurable actions and results whereas Therapists work on providing you direction. When you meet a coach, the first thing he will ask you is what do you expect as an outcome or result of this exercise. Whereas a therapist will try to find the root cause of the problem .
  2. Coaches work towards future goals and achievements, whereas therapy is all about dwelling in the past and figuring out what hurt you that has affected you so much. A therapist with try to understand more in detail about your past to ascertain if something has gone wrong somewhere which has resulted in your behaviour or attitude.
  3. Coaching works on the principals of finding solutions for the clients whereas therapists offer directions and guidance on which you would get your answer. A coach will empower you to look at your problems and find solutions yourself; that ways you will be self-sufficient if this kind of situation occurs in the future.
  4. Coaching is generally a short term exercise till the time the person has not achieved his goal or has changed his mindset. On the other hand, therapy can go on and on for years as here you are trying to get to the main reason of the problem.
  5. Coaching is more about the actions to be performed and the results driven out of it; whereas therapy is looking into your inner conscious and changing it.

Overall if we see, Relationship Coaching and Therapy are completely different from each other and add a lot of value to our relationships.

How can you be happier in your relationship?

Many couples often wonder how they can be happier in their relationship. In today's age and world, everyone is stressed in their relationships at some point in time, irrespective of whether they are married or not. However, we need to understand that being happy in a relationship requires some effort from both partners; equal contribution and efforts in making the relationship successful is the key.

Let's look at some simple steps you can take to make your relationship happier and fruitful:

  • Spend time together: Spending some quality time together is very important in a relationship. Talking things out and understanding each other's perspectives are strengthening bonds of a relationship.
  • Don't keep expectations: A very common mistake that couples do a lot of times is that they expect a little too much from their partner. Expect them to remember dates, expect them to call 4-5 times or more during the day, expect them to be cordial with your family and so on. These expectations sometimes build bridges between couples. Drop these expectations and let your partner be who he or she is and don't compel them to become what you want them to be.
  • Give Space: Giving Space and trusting your partner is a very critical element in a relationship. If you don't give them space, hold them too tight and close to you, more often than not, the relationship breaks. If you give them space and time to do things that they want to do without you, they will enjoy more when they are with you.
  • Open Communication: Be open with each other in all your communications. You need to very avidly express what you feel, what you are comfortable with and what makes you unhappy or uncomfortable. Sometimes unspoken words are not being understood which go a long way in creating misunderstandings.

These are some of the tips that you can adapt in building a happier and enriching relationship.