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Life coaching is a one-on-one, collaborative process in which you plan your clear direction to achieve your business, personal and professional goals. A life coach uses numerous techniques, tools and processes to help you succeed.

  • FREE call: This is the first meeting usually a voice or a video call with your life coach with the purpose of learning about each other. It is a discovery session where you find out more about your coach and their coaching methods. The life coach learns more about you and your aspirations. If you and your coach are found to be compatible, then this discovery session may lead to subsequent meetings. Free call usually lasts around 30 minutes.
  • First paid session: Your life coach will be asking you a lot of questions and doing assessments to identify your strengths and limiting beliefs that have become hurdles in your success. In the next few months, your life coach will focus on a deeper analysis of your beliefs and work towards developing patterns to overcome these beliefs. Based on your strengths, your life coach will also establish goals and define the steps needed to achieve those goals.
  • Subsequent paid sessions: The next few months will have your life coach use a combination of methods and techniques depending upon what stage of coaching you are in. Visualization, hypnosis, meditation, relaxation and emotional freedom techniques are some of the common processes employed by life coaches. As you start achieving your goals, your life coach will work towards reinforcing the successful methods and celebrating your progress by holding you accountable for your success.

Life coaching paid session usually lasts around 60 minutes. It is highly recommended that you work with a life coach for a minimum of three sessions for you to start seeing the benefits. Depending upon your needs, you may choose to even go for more sessions.

If you are a mid career executive and feel stuck in your current position, coaching is the answer for you. If you feel stuck in an industry and don’t know how to plan your way out into a profession of your choice, coaching is just the right place for you to start. In an ever changing world where disruption is the new normal; stress, anxiety and peer-pressure are common. Coaching helps you manage stress better. If you feel stuck in a relationship that is physically or emotionally draining on you, coaching is the way for you. If you simply wants to know “what next” in your career or profession, coaching is the right platform for you to explore.

Life / exec coaching give you the space to unravel where coaches totally open their hearts and minds. It is all about accepting you where you are in your journey and exploring certain moments vs having expectations from you on a particular outcome. When you discuss yourself and know it is your own thinking, you get more clarity & commitment towards reaching your goals.

We make sure, we provide our clients with the best coaches from across the globe. Our coach onboarding process involves thorough review of coaching certifications / education credentials, review of past clients’ feedback and a face to face interview.

We have a three step coach onboarding process:
Credential review: Coaches need to submit their academic & coaching certificates which are then reviewed thoroughly by Catalyyze team.
Client reviews: Coaches need to provide references to their past clients. Catalyyze seeks client feedback.
Discussion: Catalyyze conducts face to face interviews of coaches to understand their life experiences, coaching methodology & coaching style.

Only when a coach passes through all three steps, can the coach be listed with Catalyyze.