In case you have more questions, feel free to Contact Us. We are only a phone call / email away.

We want coaches to only focus on their core i.e. coaching and leave the rest to us. Our services include:
Marketing support: We plan to use online & offline marketing tools to attract the users from across the globe.
User journey: We plan to provide a unique and thought through user journey including searching, scheduling, payment and dispute resolution through our platform.
Pricing power: We know negotiating with clients can be overwhelming. We provide free pricing power to each coach. While booking a paid service, clients need to make payment before committing on scheduled session.
Coach profile: We dedicate one page per coach profile. Coaches can write about their key strength areas/target groups, academic credentials and qualifications. Coach prices will be displayed here as well.
Dispute resolution: Resolving payment disputes between coaches & clients.
Earn money on platform: Our member coaches can refer another coach & earn money. Read about our coach referral program for more details.

To ensure we onboard only the top quality coaches, we have a unique onboarding process:
Credential review: Coaches need to submit their academic & coaching certificates which are then reviewed thoroughly by Catalyyze team.
Client reviews: Coaches need to provide references to two past clients. Catalyyze seeks client feedback.
Discussion: Catalyyze conducts face to face interviews of coaches to understand their life experiences, coaching methodology & coaching style.

Only when a coach passes through all three steps, can the coach be listed with Catalyyze.

If selected, coaches are partnered through one of our three membership packages:
Silver package: 3 month membership - USD 246
Gold package: 6 month membership - USD 371 (With money back guarantee)
Platinum package: annual membership - USD 396 (With money back guarantee)
Money back guarantee works in a way that we ensure your membership pays for itself. E.g. you take an annual membership and you get business of let’s say
USD 300 which is less than your USD 396 fee, we pay you the balance amount i.e. USD 96.

Apart from your package related costs, other charges include payment gateway transaction charges, currency conversion charges and bank transfer charges.