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Alpa Kapadia Teli

Mumbai, India

Career Executive Leadership Life
  • ICF Credentialed coach, ACC, trained with MCC, Peter Reding, Coach for Life, USA
  • 16 years experience in the area of personal development including experience at Godrej & Titan.
  • Specializes in Holistic and integrated Coaching, including, Intellectual, emotional and spritual aspects

I am highly accomplished and credentialed (ICF-ACC) Leadership Coach who works with talented and ambitious Executives and Entrepreneurs to help them enhance their performance through Coaching....

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Amitabha  Sinha

Mumbai, India

Business Career Executive Leadership
  • Credentialed coach with more than 7 years of professional executive coaching experience with business executives & owners for leadership development are including role transition, boardroom skills, cross cultural skills.
  • Career coaching for senior business professionals at cross roads.
  • Over 35 years of corporate career at leadership level with well known names from India & US.

I am a leadership coach partnering business executives, managers & entrepreneurs in their journey for professional & personal excellence. I help them realize their potential and improve their effectiv...

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Eric Paul Rajendran

Noida, India

Career Executive Leadership
  • Experience of having been a Top Level Corporate Executive for over 35 years holding Corporate HR Head / Group HR Head positions for over 25 out of the 35 years.
  • Successfully Coached more than 40 CEOs/CXOs and other senior level Executives in the last 5-6 years.
  • Having worked very closely with CEOs and CXOs (handling hiring to retirement) for 2.5 decades, has a deep and insightful understanding of how organizations work.

I have been pioneering, innovating and successfully been a top HR leader over the last 35+ years....

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Harmeet Kaur Anand

Mumbai, India

Career Executive Leadership
  • More than 9 years of coaching global leaders.
  • ICF - PCC credentialed coach, who has trained and coached leaders from Fortune 100 companies like Nike, Metlife, Exxon, etc.
  • Led and managed sales and marketing teams in large international organisations such as SmithKline Beecham, DDB-Mudra, eBay and Hindustan Times.

I support senior level leaders to build their leadership abilities, achieve sustainable shifts with less stress....

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Harsh Kumar Johari

Bangalore, India

Career Executive Leadership Life Relationship
  • 24 years of very diverse professional experience in across shipping and financial services industries
  • Worked as Captain of ships in Merchant Navy (Anglo-eastern Ship Management, HongKong ) and Senior-Vice President (Operations) with Goldman Sachs
  • Coaching focus areas include leadership development, career transition, team development and personal happiness blueprints. Current clients include senior leaders across industries such as finance, shipping, consulting and technology

A Ship's Captain turned Investment Banker turned Leadership Coach, with diverse professional experience of 25 years across Investment Banking & Financial Services and International Shipping & Logistic...

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Kavita  Neelakantan

Gurgaon, India

Career Leadership Life
  • 18 years of wide and deep experience across Adult Learning, Personal Growth, Behavioural Change, Talent Development and Organization Development.
  • I help people accelerate/transition careers : Self-Assessment (knowing strengths, values), Building one's Skills ( plug knowledge & skill gaps, career pivots), Communicating one's Brand (resume, LinkedIn), Effective Interviewing & Job Search strategy
  • Worked at leading organizations : J&J, Goldman Sachs, IIM Ahmedabad, Xseed Education. Guest faculty at IIM Kozhikode, IIM Amritsar, IIM Indore, IIT Delhi teaching career and self development courses

I am a multi-faceted professional with experience in diverse domains, notably, Consulting, Education, Healthcare and Social Entrepreneurship....

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Ravindra  Penmatsa

Hyderabad, India

Career Executive Leadership Life
  • More than 40 years of experience as Global Business Leader.
  • Worked with large organisations like SAIL, NTPC, SATYAM, TECHM
  • Coached several leaders during service. Got Coaching certified 8 years back and last 4 years dedicated to Coaching

I am a certified coach, a mentor par excellence, and a versatile business leader with experience in leading People, Client Service Delivery, Customer Relationships and Quality Management....

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Career Coaching FAQs

What is career coaching?

Career coaching is a type of personal coaching that helps people to define, redefine, and achieve their professional objectives and other work-related goals. Career coaches use a solution-oriented approach aiming to assist their clients who need advice regarding their careers. Career coaches can help their clients in figuring out what kind of job they are looking for or help them to plan a new career path. The coach also offers advice to people on their current work conditions and other work-related concerns.
Career coaching can be done at any time during the work-life of a client. Sometimes, clients look for help from a career coach when they are stuck in their job-related pressures, which brings no meaning or purpose to their lives. Some other clients know what they want from their work-life but stuck in finding and executing a plan. While others are challenged by the demands of their professional and personal life balance; Coaches develop or improve their client's stress management, leadership, interpersonal, and conflict management skills, as well as build self-confidence. Whatever the problem the client comes with, a career coach helps them to deal with all of their concerns.
Career coaching should not be confused with career guidance counselors, who guide students with their academic paths. A Career coach helps the client in personalizing their career path, but don’t do their job-related tasks or cannot get you a job instantly. Career coaches often provide unbiased feedback customized to your search and career goals. A career coach has experience in a variety of personal career development strategies, including:

  • Career exploration
  • Creative job search strategies
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Evaluating prospective employers
  • Salary negotiations
  • Interviewing skills
  • Building confidence
  • Career, personality and strengths assessments, and
  • Personal marketing and branding.

What does a career coach do to help?

Career coaching helps you to deal with issues related to your goals in a comprehensive way. A career coach counsels you to get better insights about the current state of your situation. Not limited to career alone, also the personal factors that are affecting the career growth and to balance your personal and work life.

  • A career coach not only listens to your problems, but he also tries to understand the issues that you are not able to express. They create a comfortable environment for you to express all the thoughts without being hesitant. They support and guide you, being non-judgmental and unbiased. They help you to discover your weakness, factors that are hindering you from progressing and assist you with the brightness of their knowledge to work towards achieving your goal.
  • Achievement cannot happen in one shot, but a process to be followed religiously. In order to follow this process, constant guidance in every step is very much necessary. A coach does that for you. He helps to set up your goal, customize a clear plan and path to reach there.
  • To achieve anything in this world, the most important quality one needs to develop is self-confidence. With this, you tend to get insight into your strengths and capability. A career coach helps you in building these qualities in your personality development.

Once you have built your confidence, set your goal, planned out the path to achieving the goal, you’re doing great. This transition from being aimless to a confident person with a goal and clear direction, it is helpful for you to improve your career progression in the current place, transit into the new role and accept new challenges, to explore more career options, market your skill sets and brand yourself. This on a wider range helps you to reduce stress and anxiety, thus improving your overall wellbeing.

What is a career coach?

Life coaching has many categories and one of the most popular ones is career coaching. A career coach deals with issues pertaining but not limited to career growth, career selection and career transitions. A career coach helps clients to identify the careers that best utilize their strengths and is consistent with their values and way of learning. A career coach then helps clients identify current state. Next step in career coaching is to plan out the milestones with timelines to achieve those goals. Client works with their respective career coach to implement track their progress.

What does a career coach do?

A career coach hears your story and asks you the right questions to help you identify your current state. Your career coach then helps you find out what really interests you and what your true values are. This defines your future goals. This exercise is commonly called anchoring, empowering and goal setting.
Once you identify your current state and future goals, career coach helps you to plan your next steps. Since you identified both current state and future goals yourself, there are high chances you stick to your plan. The career coach then works along with you to move forward on your goals ensuring you neither under commit, nor under deliver to maintain a healthy speed. Early success motivates you to tread through more difficult areas, hence creating a virtuous cycle of improvement.

Who needs a career coach?

If you are stuck in the current position without any scope for you to grow high and you feel stagnated, or if you are offered roles that are not worth your while and you are frustrated, or you might have to quit your 9-to-5 job to pursue your dreams but need guidance or you are not clear about your goals in your life, or you are a newbie then you are certainly in need of a career coach.

  • Stagnation: Your skills are not utilized to the best of your ability, your roles are not worth your capability, your ideas and thoughts are not channelized in the right direction, then you are stagnated. In Spite of proving your talent in all possible ways, you are not moving anywhere upside the scale. At this stage of your career, you feel frustrated and unmotivated. Here comes the situation where a career coach can help you in rediscovering yourself and your passion.
  • Failed venture: Not everyone has the courage to start their own venture. If you have done so, then pat yourself. You truly deserve it. But not all ventures are successful or meets the expectation after all the initial struggles. At this stage, you may feel nowhere. A career coach can guide you to find your future path.
  • Fresh Bees: A fresh graduate out of college may have multiple career options, but they might not be aware of the industry trends to make the right decision. Many of them make the wrong choices and struggle to get back to the mainstream. It is always better to start with the right job. A career coach can be a better person to guide them in choosing a suitable job to have a successful career.

Be it a fresher or people in the top management, everyone needs a career coach who can guide and help them in leading a successful career.

How to find the best career coaches in India?

Finding a career coach is quite easy. Just do a Google and you get a list of coaches to choose from. But identifying the best ones is not an easy task. Anyone can be a coach but not all can be best. A good career coach should be able to identify the real person inside you and show you what you are good at and what you might enjoy doing. Ultimately selecting the wrong coach might be the worst damage you can do to your career.

Tips for finding the best career coaches in India:

1.Search in a career coaching directory. These directories are a great resource to find good career coaches in India. These are usually updated regularly and provide a vast database to choose from.

  • Read the reviews and ratings before you make a decision.
  • Visit the websites to understand more about their track record in career coaching
  • Check the licenses and certificates they hold for career coaching

2.Check out professional networks. It is a good idea to look for in professional networks to find quality career coaches. Consider the following tips while selecting a network.

  • Select the networks which take in only certified career coaches meeting quality criteria. It would be great if they carry out background verification before enlisting a member.

3.Ask for references. Talk to your friends and peers in the industry for references to good career coaches. Career coaching is catching up in India and it would be quite easy to get connected to good career coaches through reference alone.

4.Check out Linkedin, google and other online resources. Of course, you need to be cautious and use your best judgment while selecting through these sources.

  • Call and talk personally to the coach to understand how the coach can help you

Check all the available reviews online to get a clear picture

Top 10 reasons Why Career Coaching is Right for you?

If you are really serious about your career, then you should consider hiring a career coach to help you advance your career. Read on to understand why career coaching is important for building a great career.

  • Right advice from the right people at the right time. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should consider career coaching. Do not waste precious time searching for jobs and attending wrong interviews which you never wanted to in the first place. Career coaches can connect you with the right openings and guide you in making the right choices.
  • Hone up your interview skills. Career coaches are great resources to depend on for preparing you to make that cutting impression in an interview. They can coach you on the possible questions you might face and how best to answer them.
  • Identify your potential and set career goals. Not all are lucky to understand their true calling in life early. Career coaching is an excellent way to identify what you are good at and set goals accordingly.
  • Motivation. Career coaching keeps you motivated and committed to your career goals.
  • Enhance the resume. A good resume can work wonders to get that dream interview call and career coaching services are great in developing impressive resumes.
  • Upgrade your skills. Career coaching ensures that you do not lag behind in skills for lack of training by letting you know what you should be updating yourself on.
  • You are not finding a job, but a career. Career coaching starts with an in-depth assessment of your personality, strengths, weaknesses and passion so that you select the work that you love. And when you love what you do it becomes a career which stays forever and not just a job.
  • Work pressure and challenges. Career coaching is not just about finding the job, it is a continuing relationship where the career coaches mentors you in resolving work place challenges.
  • Healthy work life balance. Personal life is as important as work life and career coaching can help you strike the right balance between both.
  • Be confident, grow and move forward. Career coaching improves your confidence at work and in yourself. You understand clearly what your potentials are and can confidently make strides in your career.

How much does it cost to hire a career coach?

Are you considering approaching a career coach? And, is the thought of high fees holding you back? Don’t, because career coaches are not all that expensive to hire. Before you approach a career coach, it would be a good idea to understand how much a career coach would cost you.
The charges of a career coach would depend on his experience, credentials and the services he is offering. A session to define your career strategy would of course, be more expensive than a session to write a cover letter or to revamp your resume. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose for hourly pricing, group sessions or packages. Each of these carries different rates and advantages.
Hourly charges. Most career coaches charge on an hourly basis. This is a popular option and has many takers. Choose any service you wish and take the required number of sessions. You will be billed based on the number of hours taken. There are many coaches charging between USD 150 - 500 per hour to higher depending on their expertise.
Packages. Many career coaches offer packages to their customers. If you are looking for discounts, it would be a great idea to opt for the packages rather than individual services. The packages are ideal to get a variety of services at a lower price. The biggest advantage of selecting a package service is that you can take multiple sessions at a reasonable price. Career coaching is not a quick affair. It takes time and to get the best results you might need to attend several sessions.
Group sessions. Many career coaches offer group coaching sessions that are perfect for people looking for economy services. This way you can avail of inexpensive services and can also benefit from the experiences that other group members have to share. But it has its drawback that you will not get 100 % attention as in an individual session.

What is the difference between a career coach and a career counsellor?

The terms career coach and career counselor are often used interchangeably. Though these two share many common aspects they are not one and the same. Both career coaches and career counselors are professionals who aim to guide and help the aspirants to advance in their career. Essentially both perform similar functions. So where is the difference?

  • Defining you vs. understanding you. A career counselor more or less helps you to define yourself. Most of us must have had the first contact with a career counselor during the final years of school or college, where a counselor provides questionnaires or aptitude tests to help you discover your talents and potentials early. A career counselor takes an educational and holistic approach to assess the current situation and provides you with advice on the right steps you should take in your career. The approach of a career coach is totally different. Rather than helping you to define yourself, a career coach takes the time to listen to you, understand you, your aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, your life’s calling and points you to the best-fit role.
  • Counseling vs. coaching. A career counselor tries to understand your current situation, what are the challenges you face and what is holding you back. He may draw out an action plan for you to remedy the current issues you are facing and advise you on how to better them. A career coach takes a different approach. He tries to understand not only the current situation but also probes deeper into all dimensions of your persona, steers you in the right career path and simultaneously takes all the needed steps for resolving the current challenges.
  • Advisor vs. best friend. A career counselor plays more of an advisory role, where once he gauges your issues, he advises you on what should be done. A career coach is more than just an advisor. He is your most trusted friend, philosopher and guide whom you can fall back on for any career- related issues.

Where do you find our career coaching centre?

Coaching, as a profession, could be done either physically or virtually as well, through online mediums. We, at Catalyyze, provide you specialised Coaches in specific niche and genre to ensure they help you in your specific area of requirement. It is an online platform to bring together the highly qualified professionals with their particular niches and clients who need them.
The site provides you highly qualified certified professionals of your particular niche around the country and helps you throughout the process. The services delivered are through video calls, in person meetings or voice calls. The online coaching services are the motivation steps towards the goal. The coaches of desired niches make regular calls to keep a check on you. They are the motivator that today's social media obsessed world needs.
Today's social media obsessed world lacks motivation where everyone is depressed and craves for a better standard of living rather than appreciating the present situation and march forward towards the new progress. The process involves voice calls, in person meetings or video calls as per the comfort of the client and also upon his intensity of the current situation. And the price point comes accordingly upon your requirement a client could be needing.
Some might feel a higher rate of success with just one call and some may feel they need it on a regular basis. The coaching services provided on calls have one thing in common that is the optimism we need and we sometimes fail to give ourselves. is the best catalyst for your equation and provides you the best catalyst agent for your life.

Where do you deliver your career coaching services?

Coaching, as a profession, could be done either physically or virtually. We, at Catalyyze, provide you specialised Coaches in specific niche and genre to ensure they help you in your specific area of requirement. It is an online platform to bring together the highly qualified professionals with their particular niches and clients who need them.
The site provides you highly qualified certified professionals of your particular niche around the country and helps you throughout the process. The services delivered are through video calls, in person meetings or voice calls. The online coaching services are the motivation steps towards the goal. The coaches of desired niches make regular calls to keep a check on you. They are the motivator that today's social media obsessed world needs.
Today's social media obsessed world lacks motivation where everyone is depressed and craves for a better standard of living rather than appreciating the present situation and march forward towards the new progress. The process involves voice calls, in person meetings or video calls as per the comfort of the client and also upon his intensity of the current situation. And the price point comes accordingly upon your requirement a client could be needing.
Some might feel a higher rate of success with just one call and some may feel they need it on a regular basis. The coaching services provided on calls have one thing in common that is the optimism we need and we sometimes fail to give ourselves. is the best catalyst for your equation and provides you the best catalyst agent for your life.

I feel stuck in my career? What kind of coaching would be right for me?

If you are feeling all out stuck in your career or you're just not sure whether this was the right profession for you in the first place stop working on it all by yourself and hire a professional “career coach”.
When you don’t see yourself moving up or even feel you have somehow gotten yourself in the wrong place, take a pause and seek help from a career coach.

I’m planning a major career shift? What kind of coaching would be right for me?

We all know how difficult it is to move in a new company. A move into a new industry or a new role where expectations are at different level is insurmountable. Rather than handling what comes next, it is easier to craft a strategy with your career coach. A career coach will help you find your true reason for the shift. He / she will help you evaluate how realistic can this move be. You can then take an informed decision, construct a strategy and craft more suitable resume if you decide to move forward. All this with the help of your chosen career coach.

I find networking with my colleagues very difficult. What kind of coaching would be right for me?

Networking is a must to grow or change companies. For many people, networking is difficult. So difficult, they make a belief that doing your own work is enough to grow. This is far from the truth and can be a big impediment when you reach your mid-career i.e. 12+ years of work experience.
To accelerate your growth in mid & senior career, it is essential to network at work and beyond. An effective network in your industry can help you even in difficult times.
If you are a mid /senior career professional and have similar beliefs that are stopping you from moving / accelerating ahead, hire a career coach. Your career coach will deep dive with you to identify what the real belief is; anchoring you in your present. A career coach will then work with you and find out what really excites you; identifying your goals based on your values. He / she will then help you identify the path that you should be treading to achieve your networking goals. A career coach will remain with you throughout your journey and make sure you don’t need him / her to network when you need it the next time.

Why do you hire a career coach / What are the benefits of hiring a career coach?

Career coaches can help you establish a rocking career smoothly and quite easily. The concept of career coaching is finding many takers nowadays for many of the proven benefits it can offer.

  • Have clarity of goals. Goal setting and working persistently to achieve them is an important factor to make fast progress in career. Career coaching can help you to identify what your true potential is, what more you can achieve and formulate goals accordingly.
  • Be updated on crucial skills. Career coaches have an extensive an in-depth knowledge of the industries and the job market. They can point out the skills that you need to improve on or update yourself with to excel at work.
  • Smoothen your job search. Career coaches can facilitate your job search, and help you to save lots of time. You get know the right opportunities when you need it. Again, career coaching does not stop with this. It extends to preparing a killer resume and cover letter for that first impression. Also, you will be guided by the career coach to face interviews confidently. You can do mock interviews with your career coach if you are nervous and go well prepared for the interview.
  • Ask for the right salary. Career coaching can help you understand what your real worth in the job market and your future potentials. You can get an idea of the current salary trends in the market. This can give you the confidence and knowledge to ask and get the salary you truly deserve.
  • Relieves your job stress. A career coach is your friend, philosopher and guide in all matters of career. Any stress you feel at work-place, your career coach can help you work out the solutions and motivate you positively towards overcoming the workplace challenges.

What can expected outcome of career coaching?

Career coaching is definitely something that should be tried by anyone who values their career. It can offer you great career benefits that you wouldn’t have been able to achieve just by yourself. On hiring a good career coach you stand to gain a lot and some of the best results you can expect are:

  • Your dream career where you truly fit. Career coaches are well experienced professionals who can identify your true potentials and likings. They help you make the right career choices quite early in life so that you would be in the career that is the best fit for you. The result will be lesser job frustrations and job hopping.
  • Climb the career ladder faster. Career coaching is exactly what you need to help you to develop your skills and stay competitive in the workplace. A good career coach will push you to set achievable career goals which are most essential for your growth. The result is promotions that you truly deserve when you are a performer.
  • Find high paying jobs. Opportunities might be available in plenty, but you need to connect to that right opening to get the best pay. Career coaching speeds up your job hunt and always helps you to find the jobs which are highest paid for your skill set and qualifications.
  • Happy work-life balance. With the right mentoring, career coaching pushes you to achieve your best at the work place and relax and enjoy in your personal life. Career coaches are great friends you can turn to for resolving any career issues and to maintain a smooth work-life balance.
  • Lower stress. Of course, with such a strong support base for career related matters, career coaching lowers your overall stress in both work and personal life. The result is improved productivity.

When is career coaching most useful / when do you need Career Coaching?

Career coaches don’t just help their clients to find a new job. They also help you climb the career ladder by improving your skills to stand out from the crowd. Whichever industry you are in, you need to create a plan for your career development, for long term success and career relevance. Some have long term aspirations or already achieved what they want, but want to be more successful and fulfill their career path. This is where working with a career coach pays off. A professional and experienced coach will help an individual of any profession or industry. Because they know how to motivate people and how to define goals. Taking career coaching is useful to you in many other ways.

  • You can use a career coach when you are unhappy or frustrated with your career.
  • You have anxiety, fear, or unhealthy behaviors, including eating or sleeping issues.
  • You long to change your career or role within your current company, but you’re not sure how to.
  • You hate your job but continuing for security, or handsome payment, or some other reasons.
  • You are stuck in a job because you don’t know what to do.
  • Poor workplace relationship, and not sure whom to trust.
  • Inability to maintain employment in the same position and are without direction.
  • Your job position is the same for a long time now, and you don’t know what’s holding you back from success.
  • You are not able to navigate politics at the workplace and you feel you are far away from the recognition you seek.

All these concerns are addressed by a good career coach and help you uncover what is holding you back to achieve a successful career.

What services does a career coach provide?

If you decided to take career coaching, it is recommended to set objectives and get clarity on what you want versus what to expect. Career coaching is not the same as career counseling or a facilitator who does your work. Career coaching helps people to develop methodologies to resolve any type of conflict or uncertainty about their careers. Career coaching is a diverse field. Career coaches meet up with their clients to learn about their backgrounds as well as their aspirations and goals:

  • Identifying the client’s talents, skills, needs, opportunities, and challenges.
  • Determining the client’s interests and skills through specialized tools and tests.
  • Improve your career development within your current organization.
  • Research the market to assist their clients to find career opportunities for their interest.
  • Assisting clients with the job-seeking process by enhancing resumes and cover letters by reviewing and suggesting necessary improvements.
  • Actively promotes career opportunities by networking and maintaining relationships.
  • Assists in interview preparation by conducting mock interviews.
  • Improves leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills along with stress management, self-confidence, and conflict-management skills.
  • Identifying the client’s needs and assist in the areas of health or finance.

A career coach assists you in finding where you are now and what you want and create benchmarks to get here. They challenge you to come out of your comfort zone. Career coaching helps you learn the skills that will grow with you as you progress in your career. You should expect a few powerful questions related to your career from the coach. They ask questions to help challenge your thinking, allowing you to perceive what your possibilities are or your potential. Your coach will challenge you, support, and encourage, throughout the coaching process as well as creates scope for accountability for your goals.

How to achieve success in career?

Career success means different for every individual. However, the majority of people measure career success based on some common things, including the employer, income, and stature. But, that’s not just what career success can be counted on. A person must feel happy about what he/she is doing at work. So, it matters how you describe a career success. To be precise, career success begins with clarity of purpose and direction. After all, how do you understand what to achieve, when you don’t even know what your goal is. The goal of career success for almost every individual is based on why have they spent time, money, and energy to educate themselves in their chosen field. You need to consider some points to define what career success means to you.

  • Are you building your career around what you value most?
  • Are you able to manage your career the same way you planned?
  • Are you establishing a career based on your skills and talent, and where they are best suited?
  • Are you able to identify where you need to improve yourself?
  • Are you maintaining a positive attitude every time?

Often, career goals go hand-in-hand with life goals. You can get help from a good career coach to understand where your career values are placed. If you have never considered asking questions for yourself before, start doing now. It’s never too late to plan for your career success.
1.Do you get a chance to unveil your talents in your chosen career?
2.Are you well-motivated to do what you are doing every day?
3.Do you get a chance to live your passion?
4.Does your career provide you the income you are comfortable with?
Are you able to align your work with your values?

What can expected outcome of career coaching?

The outcomes vary depending upon the area you want to address. But working with the right career coach can be a life-changing experience. Working with a career coach, helps you choose & start building the careers that are more fulfilling and align with your own values and talents. You coach can help you find your own strengths so that you can have a less stressful and more rewarding career. Your coach helps you bring more clarity in your perception making you feel more confident & contented in life and at work.

When is career coaching most useful / when do i need Career Coaching?

There is no “right or wrong time” per se. The timing however depends upon your priorities and problems you are trying to solve. But earlier the better, as the world has become competitive and we undergo multiple challenges at work. Maintaining tradeoff between priorities and challenges is a key. Also with ever increasing stress, having a coach to solve and address your problems early in your career is always better. The coach helps in assessing the situation, identifies strengths and areas of improvements for you, prepares action plans and monitor your progress. Thus helping you to achieve your goals. Thus he acts as a guide & partner to help you sail through the journey well.

What are the benefits of career coaching?

Some of the key benefits of hiring a career coach are:
a) You get a sounding board: Career coaches are great listeners. Your career coach helps you evaluate/ assess your current career situation, identify potential skills gaps and help come up with a clear action plan at a mutually agreed pace for you towards your career journey.
b) You dedicate time to focus on your career: Career coaching allows you revisit your career and set practical goals. Typically whenever you want to rethink past career decisions or take new challenges, you get preoccupied with tasks at hand and the larger picture is missed out. Having a career coach ensures you have well-defined, realistic goals and a clear action plan, which will make it easier to organize yourself and work towards your career objectives.
c) You get to test new ideas in a safe environment: Career coaching helps you prepare for your compelling pitch. You are able to craft a compelling story that resonates with recruiters and addresses potential pitfalls in mock interviews. Also you will gain the confidence needed to build smart and convincing strategies to prove you’re the best candidate for the role.

How much does it cost to hire a career coach?

ormally, the fees charged by career coaches range from $100-500 for one session. Sessions are usually paid upfront. The paid session generally comes post a free discovery session for a chemistry check. The discovery session will help you get a feel for the coach and their methods before deciding whether or not you want to continue.