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Amitabha  Sinha

Mumbai, India

Business Career Executive Leadership
  • Credentialed coach with more than 7 years of professional executive coaching experience with business executives & owners for leadership development are including role transition, boardroom skills, cross cultural skills.
  • Career coaching for senior business professionals at cross roads.
  • Over 35 years of corporate career at leadership level with well known names from India & US.

I am a leadership coach partnering business executives, managers & entrepreneurs in their journey for professional & personal excellence. I help them realize their potential and improve their effectiv...

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Shivkumar  A

Mumbai, India

Business Executive
  • Handled Domestic as well as international operations covering. P&L, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing ,R&D & Talent management. Key strengths include Business Growth Strategy, Starting New Business, Change Management .
  • Currently engaged in leadership development activities such as CEO/Executive coaching , Leadership Competency assessment & business consultancy.Have clocked approx. 500 hours of coaching to corporate clients.
  • Member of coaching penal with Larsen & Toubro Limited. Member of coaching penal of coaching foundation of India.Have successfully completed coaching of clients from L&T, Sandvik, Transpax Silox, Blue Star,Anand Rathi,Parksons Packaging and others

Having 39 years of work experience. Retired as Chief Executive of EWAC Alloys Ltd (Wholly Owned Subsidiary of L&T) Career Span covered various positions different businesses and multi-location. Handle...

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Sonam Arya Gulati

Delhi, India

Business Executive Leadership Life Relationship Spiritual
  • More than 11 years of experience and 7 years as a capability developer with continuous learning; Image Consultant, Facilitator, NLP Practitioner and ICF certified Coach. I believe continuous learning is extremely important in our profession to grow.
  • Worked with 5500 plus people including workshops and one-on-ones from the age group of 22 to 60. Starting from a fresher to ones close to retirement.
  • Emotional Intelligence, Applied Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Personal Branding & Image Management are some of my key strengths.

I am a self discovery coach and am passionate about making a difference in people’s life by bringing in a fresh perspective that drives an individual towards connecting with themselves. I enable ind...

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Business Coaching FAQs

What is business coaching

Many people start up their own business by having some capital in hand and some experience around handling it; however fail to sustain it for a long time as they lack in certain business principles and values. Setting up a business is easy but sustaining it for a longer duration is something that requires expert advice and that expert advice or knowledge can be factored in by hiring a Business Coach.
Business Coaching means to channelize your goal and vision of the business with certain measurable actions and targets around and to constantly review performance to monitor success. The business coach will do multiple things to scale up your business. He could help you finding the appropriate target segment for your business to grow. He would analyze why your business is not scaling up and will chalk out plans to elevate performance.
He would help you draw the value system or the goals for yourself and your business. The Business coach also helps in channelizing your investments and keeping a check on your budgets as well to ensure profitability. The business coach also looks into increasing the productivity of the business by improvising on the existing processes that are used in your business.
Business coaching is the practice of helping a company or business team to achieve clarity regarding their goals and helps focus on them to get results. Business coaching helps entrepreneurs to plan and prioritize their goals and identify strategies to improve business. Business coaching aims at improving your employee’s performance and increasing the company’s productivity. The coach discovers your potential and helps to achieve it fast by setting better goals, making better decisions, and improving your relationships. To make it simple, the business coach helps taking business from where it is now to where the entrepreneur desires it to be.
The business coach meaning is not to be confused with a life coach. Though business coaching is related closely to life coaching, it takes place in a business setting focusing more on its success, rather than on an individual’s goals. A business coach is not a business expert either, and need not be an expert in your industry. A good business coach delivers quality coaching services, creating unbiased accountability to execute the plan of action.

What does a business coach do to help me?

A business coach often provides its services to polish your skills that are required to run a business successfully. They will be your source of information you will ever have for any questions related to your business concerns. The role of a business coach is to introduce processes, concepts, and tools that help your team and organizational growth. They do this by refining your talents, enhancing your goals, guiding you to make the right decisions at the right time, and everything necessary to help your business to be successful.
To help your business grow and achieve more in the future, a business coach will learn all about your brand, from its value to its customers and the challenges you are facing at present. A business coach will also learn the entrepreneur's goals and vision. Once they gain all the necessary information about you and your business, they work with you to set beneficial and attainable goals. These are the goals you will need to meet to grow efficiently and achieve the vision you planned for. Business coaches inspire you at every step to meet these goals faster as well as with passion. They motivate you to come up with a set of strategies and plan of action to meet your goals and navigate challenges that may come up in the way.
There is more to achieve when you work with a business coach, as they:

  • Develop more effective strategies.
  • Help the management in identifying issues and resolve them.
  • Discovers the strength and weaknesses of a company and its operations.
  • Increase organizational focus.
  • Increase accountability across your team.
  • Strengthen company culture.
  • The entire organization is better aligned.
  • Make better decisions.

When do you need a business coach?

The business world moves fast and the competition gets more intense, making it difficult to keep up with the rapid changes emerges in your industry as well as the innovative strategies in management, sales, and marketing. Whether you started it fresh or a renowned business owner, stagnation might happen at any level of the business. This is where a business coach helps you to take it to the next level by motivating you consistently at every step. Working with a business coach is never detrimental or it’s not a luxury but is a necessity for your business.
A business coach helps entrepreneurs, who want to increase their profitability, improve their employee’s performance, employee burnout, low morale, communication skills, or resolve issues. They listen to your concerns and ask you specific questions related to it, which helps you to come up with your solutions and strategies. A business coach with good experience provides valuable insights to create long-term and short-term goals. They help you to improve your business in all areas, even where might you have ignored it.
Though you don’t like to know the truth, a business coach will always present the facts and inspire you to face it while coming up with a solution. A business coach helps you create accountability structures, encouraging you to take steps to reach your goals. The coach makes you work harder, smarter, and progress faster than you would on your own. They will give you the tools that are necessary to change your perspective towards your situations. A business coach provides a piece of unbiased advice on your concerns because they know about you more than your business. This helps in turning your business operations more efficient, making it more profitable.

Who is business coaching for?

Business coaches are experienced professionals who can help a business grow to its full potential. They work with the key people in an organization to understand the existing business and formulate goals and targets for scaling the business. Anybody who is looking to start a new venture or an established business looking for improvements or new avenues for growth can benefit from business coaching for the various advantages it offers.
1. Competitive ideas and strategies. If you are stuck with lack of ideas and innovations in the organization, consider business coaching for help. Business coaching promotes brain storming and brings out great business ideas to implement. Business coach identifies the weaknesses of the business, assess the competitor strengths and come up with strategies for improving the performance. A business coach is always non judgmental and hence can suggest ideas without any preconceptions and bias.
2. Improves confidence. If you lack self confidence because of poor business performance, you might benefit a lot from business coaching. Business coaches are trained experts who can analyse the problem and suggest the right solutions. A trustworthy shoulder you can lean on during the challenging phases can work wonders for your self confidence and will reflect on the performance as well.
3. Better marketing techniques. Any business facing slack sales or tight competition and eroding profits can try business coaching to boost those sales numbers. One of the biggest challenges businesses face is developing and implementing the right marketing strategy. A business coach can guide you in the various aspects of marketing like branding, promotions, channel sales and so on. With the years of exposure that a coach has in the industry, you can be assured of sales plans that guarantee ROI for the business.
4. Improves productivity. Hiring a business coach can help business owners to improve their productivity. Most of the entrepreneurs also experience greater job satisfaction and lower stress levels as well.

What are the benefits of business coaching to individual & business?

As we have seen around us, it's not easy to set up a business. Many businesses fail to establish themselves. Why so? It requires a lot of hard work going into it. But is that all about it? Not really. You need someone who can constantly monitor you and your work, someone who can guide and push you harder to get the best of your ability, be more accountable for your progress. A business coach is the one who can do this. Be it startup entrepreneurs or established business owners, both need business coaching to get tips and tricks that have been tried, tested and succeeded.

  • Confidence is the key element needed in running any business. A business coach can support you and build confidence to boost your inner strength to take up challenges in setting up the business, building a team, working on challenging tasks, handling critical situations, etc. Being the head of the company, the time and effort you invest are directly proportional to the success of your company. A business coach helps you to best utilize it for most of your ability.
  • Blind spots: A business coach can identify the blind spots where you may fail to understand or identify. With the broad vision and experience, a business coach can easily identify the problems and complications, thus by providing suitable strategies and solutions, he will guide you to excel in your work.
  • Employee retention and Customer Service: A successful business depends on 2 main factors, a great working team, and satisfying customer support. Often we hear that employees in the top positions tend to leave the company as they don't find the work challenging any more or any opportunity to grow in the organization. A business coach can help employees to feel more challenged and boost their confidence to come up with challenging ideas and strategies to be more productive in building the company and oneself. When the employees are doing a great job, the customers are very satisfied with their service, it is obvious for the business to grow successfully.

Why should you choose Catalyyze business coaching services?

Our unique onboarding process ensures you never have to worry about the quality of coaches. Every coach in our network goes through three stage screening process to ensure you get only the best. Our certified and experienced coaches offer best and continued services to develop, improve and sustain in the business you have dreamt of. We offer intensive personal and organizational development guidance keeping all the business-related information confidential.
Our coaches have over 20years of experience and expertise in the field of coaching with specialization in various sectors. Their professional experience in the corporate industry is an added advantage in benefitting the clients. They make you feel comfortable providing personal comfort zone, hence making the interaction enjoyable but in a thought provoking manner. Thus changing the lives of an individual and organization on the whole for the better development.

Why does business coaching work?

For a business to grow, proper planning, good leader, great investment, efficient team is very much necessary. But to grow fast and effectively, someone who can think broad, guide and support the business owner and employees, is needed. That can be done by a business coach.
A business coach doesn't really work on technical business building strategies, rather he helps the team to discover the business strategies themselves. Business coaches are business owners themselves, who use their talent and experience in growing business to help others build and grow their business successfully.
Like a student needs a good teacher or coach to learn things, a person who wants to start a business needs guidance from a business coach. With the help of a good coach, one can achieve and reach the goal faster. They train you to gain good skill sets and mentor you in utilizing those skill sets to the fullest and best of your ability to grow individually along with the organization.
Not just the new entrepreneurs, the business owners, who are already been established also need business coaches throughout their journey, to get constant guidance in developing and improving their business models. A business coach doesn't really work on providing customer services and solutions, rather he works on building the actionable plans that can be executed by the team in order to provide efficient customer services and solutions.
Most of the famous entrepreneurs have benefited from business coaching. For e.g. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, etc, admitted having made the best decision by hiring business coaches.

Who are the famous entrepreneurs who have taken business coaching?

A business coach is more effective than any business consultant for several reasons. Business coaches help you develop short term as well as long term goals and strategies to grow your business. Their services not only include growing businesses, but also help you to be more productive, achieving all aspects of your vision, improving the business areas you may have overlooked, and handling your business operations with ease.You may think you have survived in your business and will continue to, but with business coaching, you will succeed as a person and your business will flourish.
Business coaching does not limit to helping only new founders; entrepreneurs who are successful already can also get help from coaching in many ways. You might be surprised to know that the world’s most famous and successful business owners and entrepreneurs too have relied on business coaches at some point in time. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs are some of the famous entrepreneurs who have benefitted from business coaching.
Eric Schmidt has said that hiring a business coach was the best professional decision he has ever made. He even admits that he was hesitant at first to hire a business coach, as he is already a successful CEO of a rapidly growing company. He also said that he was amazed by the results after hiring a business coach and affirmed that everyone needs a coach. This explains how business coaching helps a successful business entrepreneur to achieve the next level of success. With every level of success, there is another level of success that is seen beyond the line that requires different perception, where a coach can help you to think through.

How to know whether a business coach is best for you & your business?

A right business coach helps you to navigate complex business issues, and working with them is worth your money and time. Whether you are a young founder or an established business owner, they help you see your problems differently. This helps you during your transition from a startup founder to a leader. However, not all coaches are the same and you shouldn’t invest your energy into coaching if you cannot get enough from the benefits.
The best business coach understands what your business goals are and assess where your business is at present. From there, they start identifying the gap between your business goals and reality and develop an action plan to bridge that gap. A business coach designs regular sessions with you to ensure you met your goals as well as guide you to overcome difficulties. So, you might wonder how to find the right business coach near me.

  • You should be able to share chemistry and mindset with your coach.
  • Your coach will keep you accountable for your major goals.
  • Understand in which area you are weak, and find a coach who is strongest in that area.
  • A right coach takes a genuine interest in your success and in you as a person.
  • Look for a coach who can demonstrate how something should be done by providing an example.
  • Ensure your coach can bring out the best in you, that you have never known before.
  • Look for a business coach who is trustworthy and relatable.
  • A right business coach helps you to build emotional awareness, develop strong communication skills, and to navigate challenges with confidence.
  • A Coach who can admit your failures openly, as your failures are important steps for your success in business and as a person.

Is Business Coaching Expensive/How much does a business coaching cost?

If you are thinking to hire a business coach, the first question that comes in your mind is ‘how much does it cost?’ The cost of business coaching varies based on the level of executive, the experience of the coach, company size, type of coaching, the package of services you want to arrange with your business coach. However, your decision to hire a business coach requires some thoughtful consideration of the benefits you gain and the cost of it. It is recommended to get a clear picture of the expected outcomes of the arrangement before you approach and hire a business coach. Business coaching must focus on your or your company’s objectives, vision, and goals. Finding the right coach is important for you as you are not only investing your money in them but also your time and effort.
Before you hire a business coach, ask yourself a few important questions to understand why investing in a business coach helps you with your circumstances.

  • Do you want to hire a business coach to solve an issue or to develop your leadership skills?
  • Have you identified what is the purpose of taking the coaching?
  • What are the credentials and experience of the business coach you want to hire?
  • How will the coaching be delivered and how long will it take?
  • What benefits your executives can gain from a business coach?
  • Can you afford the cost of coaching to see the expected results?
  • Many executives believe that business coaching is needed to develop leadership capability.

The rates of a business coach with good experience and credentials will range from $125 to $400 per session. An experienced and seasoned coach focuses on the potential of the client and brings positive outcomes.

What is the ROI of business coaching?

With the increased approach for business coaching for executives, they are raising questions about its value, as the expenses for business coaching grows. Even though coaching is planned and executed with good intentions, you cannot expect positive results every time. This is the main reason why measuring ROI in coaching is important for many organizations now, to show the values in terms of the impact on their managers and executives behavior outcome. Various factors such as visibility, costs, accountability, and period of using a coach are influencing ROI to measure the success of business coaching.
When you coach, you will start asking questions, listen actively, negotiate solutions and give or receive feedback. The overall goal of business coaching is to help executives become more effective. Coaching provides continuous learning and improves professionals to meet present and future needs. In simple words, coaching is an investment an organization makes to develop its key resource professionals for their long-term benefit. The coaching program accelerates the development of next-generation leaders. With coaching, your organizational quality, productivity, and strengths improve; you can also see improved customer service, as well as greater retention of professionals and executives who received coaching.
Coaching is considered important by the organizations, as it develops leadership activities. It is good to conduct a formal assessment of the effectiveness and the impact coaching has on your business. You can determine the results by asking:

  • How did business coaching add value to your business?
  • What was your ROI of coaching?
  • How could the coaching be leveraged best in the future? Especially, if you want to expand the coaching to other business regions.

What is the expected results from business coaching?

Business coaching provides various services with a common goal to help you be the best leader, individual and executive. A good business coach offers their services to every client of different niche and the results are based on his/her training, experience, and ability to communicate effectively. The outcomes you see when working with a business coach are surprising, even for highly successful entrepreneurs.

  • Results – You will see great productivity, high profitability, and increased efficiency.
  • Faster Action – A coach helps and motivates you to speed up your business processes and advancing programs with precision.
  • Awareness – Coaching helps you to develop an awareness of the challenges you concern most and the available opportunities.
  • Perspective – Your point of view towards your life, challenges, opportunities, and your employees will change. You will be able to develop a healthy relationship with your fellow professionals.
  • Important Insights – You will get to know more about yourself, understanding what you stand for and where to improve yourself.
  • Support – You will gain self-confidence, encourage yourself, be happy, and learn how to initiate your next move.
  • Clarity – You will get a clear picture of your values, vision, and your inner strengths and weaknesses, leading to the great conviction.
  • Improving Your Skills – Your communication, conflict management, delegation, and many other skill sets are improved with coaching.
  • Strategic Planning –Coaches help you to develop the best short-term and long-term strategies and goals to improve your business.
  • Ideation – You will be able to develop and articulate ideas on how to improve your life.
  • Truth – Though your family and friends can give valuable opinions about your problems, they cannot support you all the time and don’t prefer to tell the truth. Coaches reveal the truth about what you don’t hear from others, benefitting you to make changes.

Can a small business benefit from a business coach?

When you are starting a business, as an entrepreneur, it's always good to have an expert to guide you all the way. An expert business coach, who is well experienced and who knows the highs and lows of the industry especially faced by a small business owner, can help you to start and grow your business in the right direction. He constantly monitors your actions in the organization, questions your decisions and helps you to find the solution for the concerns you may face.
Seeking guidance from a business coach is not just necessary for entrepreneurs of a big organization, but it is more than essential for the owners of small businesses too. Business coaching for entrepreneurs is not like typical coaching for a fixed time, but strategic guidance with constant support throughout.

  • He helps you to set goals for your organization. Your goal for the first year, for the next five years and for the next 10 years. Yes! as a small business owner, you may lack the experience and exposure to get realistic goals. Your sustainability in the industry for more years while achieving high is possible with the help of expert guidance. Business coaches follow a SMART way of setting up goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely.
  • Once the goals are set, it's the action time. A coach closely monitors your approach to reach the goals, helps you in building the right strategies.
  • As a small business owner, you might have to play different roles in the organization. With no much knowledge about budgeting, handling financial matters is not an easy job. Business coach for accountants offers a huge financial model to help them in budgeting and reinvesting the profit in a better way.

Thus, a business coach not only plays a vital role in the successful growth of any business but the success of a business owner as an individual too.

What happens in the first meeting with a business coach?

Before scheduling the first meeting with the business coach, there will be a pre-coaching session, wherein the clients have to go through a set of questionnaires, for a basic understanding of their business and professional accomplishments. After this pre-coaching session, the first meeting will be scheduled with the business coach. Sometimes in some cases, the pre-coaching session and the first meeting are combined.
The first meeting of a business coach with the client is generally referred to as an intake session, where a client takes in the information from the coach, about how they operate, what to expect from the coaching, etc.
Initially, clients may be skeptical about hiring a coach, but when they decide to hire a coach they are expected to be honest and open-minded for better results. The first coaching session is about understanding the business-related information from the client, meanwhile clarifying how the coach and client can work together as a team in order to work towards the betterment of the organization. It also includes the rules and regulations to be followed upon from both sides like maintaining confidentiality, etc. This is the most important stage in building the right foundation for a healthy relationship with trust and respect for each other.
Along with general rules and regulations, the first session mainly focuses on the aim of business coaching, setting up initial goals, building strategic models to work and achieve it.
The first session may also include discussion about the agreement of the number of sessions and their dates, payment terms, modes of communication, responsibility, and accountability.

Can business coaches help you grow your business?

The myth is that hiring a business coach is expensive and unnecessary spending. But running a successful business under the guidance of a business coach leads to great success and profitability. A business coach helps you to identify inefficiencies in the organization and helps to fix these leakages.
Many business owners don't realize the root cause of the issues which is leading the company downwards, instead, they spend a huge amount of time fixing the issues than realizing the root cause. Here is where an expert like a business coach comes to help in realizing the root cause and come up with relevant and extraordinary solutions to get out of tricky situations. He teaches you the skills and knowledge to face the challenges on your own.
An accountant and lawyer may provide the necessary advice. But a business coach provides a systematic approach to enhance and succeed in organizational goals.
Sometimes, a small business owner may want to do many things in excitement, they create things but fail in execution. This is where a business coach can help them to be organized, focused on the matters that are very important from the company's point of view. Thus, hiring a business coach saves your time, in true sense saves your money.

How does Business coach differs from business consultant?

Coaching can help turn an entrepreneur into a great leader. Consulting, on the other hand, provides that much-needed expertise and assistance. Oftentimes, the lines between coaching and consulting can get blurred, creating a situation that is not effective at providing what the client actually needs. The Top 10 differentiating ways in which coach differs from consultant is as follows :
1. Coaching helps the clients find answers themselves helping grow inside out. Consulting tells the client what to do.
2. A coach would have you get on the bicycle and walk alongside you, guiding you through the process until you feel confident enough to ride on your own. A consultant would ride the bicycle for a while and write you a "how to" manual.
3. Coaching is the building of capacity. Consulting is helping the client resolve a particular business challenge.
4. A coach, however, helps clients find their own clarity and answers, and assists them to understand how to move forward in achieving their goals and grow personally. A consultant is usually a subject matter expert who provides technical and professional advice to clients based on their significant understanding, knowledge and experience.
5. Coaching helps , you explore possibilities. Consulting helps, you provide possibilities.
6.The coach is a sounding board who provides the right questions to get you to think of the solutions. The consultant is an expert who is there to provide the "right" answers to you based on their analysis of the situation.
7. Coaches partner with clients to determine the biggest questions they want to explore and create an experience for the client to arrive at their own answers. Consultants diagnose a problem and make a recommendation.
8. A good coach is a good listener, they let silence do the work. They seek to understand through thoughtful and sincere inquiry without judgment. And they guide the client to see solutions for themselves by asking and not telling. Consultants, on the other hand, provide solutions.
9. In coaching, answers and solutions are self-generated by a client with the coach as facilitator; in consulting, answers and solutions are provided by the consultant as subject matter expert.
10. A coach tends to take a longer-term view. A consultant’s focus might be on a discrete short-term problem.

What Business coaching is not?

Business coaching is not training. A training course normally involves a group of delegates, and is usually a one off event or part of an on-going programme. Business is 1 to 1 and you can have as many sessions as you need. It is a skilled thought provoking conversation that you have with your coach and you undergo a self-generated strategy phase.
Business coaching is not therapy, even though it's very therapeutic knowing that you're tackling your business challenges head on, by taking action.
Business coaching is not a fad. You may have the first couple of sessions close together, but the relationship can go on for as long as YOU are getting a benefit from it. Your business coach is there to help you achieve what you need, want, and have to.
Business coaching is not intrusive. You and your business coach may discuss a variety of topics ranging from performance, motivation, work relationships and more. They will also challenge you to be as open and honest as possible, but they will not tread on the values and beliefs that you hold.

Where do I get good coaches in India?

If you feel you are stranded in your business and need direction or guidance, reaching out to Business coach is the best option. The business coaching is a partnering mechanism, whereby you undergo detailed, thought-provoking conversation with your coach. The process enables you to think throuh the scenario and result is you find your own strategies. However there are multiple Business coaching service providers in India and internationally. Depending upon the business challenge you are encountering and the problem your business is facing , you can decide whether to hire a business Coach. At Catalyyze we have business coaches who are well trained and experienced to partner with you and understand you both at a personal and professional levels. You can register for a 30 min “free session” initially. Then if you find it engaging you can partner with the coach, by registering the services. The coaches at Catalyzze are top quality business experts. Catalyyze provides Business coaches in all top cities i.e. career coaches in Bangalore, career coaches in Mumbai, career coaches in Delhi, career coaches Gurgaon, career coaches in Hyderabad, career coaches in Chennai and career coaches in Pune.

Where do I find your Business coaching centre and how do you deliver your coaching services?

What are business coaching certifications?

Where do I find your Business coaching centre and how do you deliver your coaching services?

Catalyyze coaches don’t work out of any coaching centres. We have Business coaches in all the top cities including Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. Our coaches deliver 1 to 1 coaching through a face to face discussion or through video / voice calls.

What are business coaching certifications?

Training programs accredited by the ICF, are the one those that helps in building in instructor competency, course offerings, and supervised coaching experience. The courses vary in title but provide foundational lessons to business coach students in ethics and provide mechanism of laying a path how to coach.
The following course content examples come from the certification that is offered through the World Coach Institute.
Coaching Foundations Course: This course typically includes such topics as Meeting Ethical Guidelines, Establishing the Coaching Agreement, Coaching Presence, Powerful Questioning, Active Listening, Empowering, Acknowledging, Direct Communication, Designing Actions, Planning and Goal-Setting, Managing Progress and Accountability, Advanced Coaching Skills, Coaching Models for Creating Awareness, Group Coaching, Transformational Coaching, Seminars, Workshops, Client Tests and Assessments.
Business Coaching: This course covers topics that address the business aspects of becoming a business coach. For example, Personal Board of Directors, Budgeting, Business Plan, Selling, Coaching Teams, Client Types, What Coaching Solutions Offer, Employee Mentoring & Performance.
Personal Foundation: These topics develop the skills of coaches to develop relationships. Personal Vision, Values Based Living, Goal Setting, Law of Attraction, Mindset for Success, Managing Emotions, Transformational Coaching, Creativity, Time Management, Intuition, Conflict, Boundaries, Success, Prosperity, and Abundance.
Other courses that may be offered will focus on how to set up a business and market your business coaching business.

Summary business coaching

Business Coaching is a relationship. It’s a place where you go for guidance, support and challenge. This helps you figure out what’s in the way of creating the business you always wanted. Business Coaching is not just about having a trusted guide, you also have to have the right map.
Business coaching is not consulting, and it’s also not therapy - it’s right between the two. It’s the art in which the coach transition you to the next level of journey and accelerate your business while ensuring minimal nightmares. A business coach is someone who can help you get through the challenging times and keep you on track.
A good business coach is someone you can trust that has the acumen to be able to diagnose specific and systemic issues in your business. He is the one who has the strength to wait for you to deliver on the solution instead of jumping in and doing it for you.His passion is to show you the way you need to follow yourself for your business today - which is nothing but how to make the business “Future Ready”.